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Posted by Catherine Morgan on January 27, 2007


When we are suffering it is very difficult, if not impossible, to see the “light at the end of the tunnel”. But, it is there. You will get through it. And, in time your wounds really will be healed.

Can something good come out of adversity? Often in the face of adversity, we are unable to see anything through our pain. The only thing we can think about, are questions. Why is this happening to me? How will I go on? How will I survive? These are all reasonable questions, and in the depth of your pain you will ask them, and more. But, there are no answers to these questions. Only after you realize this, will you be able to go on, and let go.

We can not turn away from our pain. It is very important that we feel all our feelings during these times of adversity and heartache. Denying our pain, or denying our feelings, will not benefit us in any way. In fact, it will only prolong our troubles. But, if we look at our situation, and face our problems head-on; we will triumph.

You may feel like you are losing the “battle”; but when you push through your battle, you come out on the other side the winner of your “war”. That is because you are empowered when you conquer life’s toughest battles. Only at these times of empowerment do we grow into the people we are meant to be. Think about that for a minute. Who would you be right now, if it wasn’t for the adversity you have been through in your life?

For me personally, I wish I had never had to go through many of the painful events of my life; loss, divorce, illness, betrayal, (just to name a few). But, I also know that I would not be who I am today, had I not. My past heartache, and my past pain, are what make me the compassionate person that I am today. And in retrospect, I don’t think I would want to be the kind of person, who knows no hardships. It’s because of these hardships that I appreciate every thing I have, even the little things, that most people take for granted.

I can now see that my past adversity, has truly been a blessing in my life. I don’t look forward to future adversity, however I know it will come. When it does come, I will have the knowledge of my past strength to help me overcome, and once again triumph.

I hope for everyone, that they are able to one day look past their pain, to find their empowerment.



  1. Prefectly said 🙂
    If only more people in this World of ours understood this!

  2. Thanks Rahul.

  3. Diane said

    Who would I be if I had not experienced adversity in my life? Would I be suffering from an ongoing mental illness? Would my body be racked with debilitating pain? Would my memory still have have gaps? Would my head be filled with horror?

    I believe that there was a time long ago when I had the promise that comes from innocence. My innocence was ripped from me systematically by people entrusted with my care. What was done to me should never happen to anyone. I’ve managed to avoid becoming drug addicted, or alcohol addicted, managed not to have had children I couldn’t care for and whom I surely would have abused. I managed not to murder anyone, which is a miracle, because I was certainly headed that way at one time. I’ve never been to jail.

    I wish more than anything that I had been raised by a family who loved me and cherished me and I had been allowed a decent start in life. Instead I started behind the eightball.

    Adversity? Blessing?

  4. Hi “Diane”. Thank you for having the courage to open-up in the way you have on this post. Of course, I do not claim to have all the answers, and I am sure that many people don’t find blessings in their adversities, it is just my belief that if we look closely many of us do find them. I apologize if my post offended you in any way, it was not my intention. But, one observation…you do seem from your comment to be an “empowered” person….and that is something you should always hold on to.

    Thank you for your comment.

  5. Diane said

    Did I sound offended? I didn’t mean to. Maybe it was jealousy. I simply do not have the energy to pretend anymore. I’ve struggled so long and hard, I’ve said the words, I’ve acted the part. I don’t feel strong, or healthy, or blessed, and I’ve faced plenty.

    You are kind and tolerant, and I apologize if I sounded petty and negative. It was a good post and it will help someone who needs to read it. I’m sure of that.

  6. Hi Diane…I did not think you sounded petty or negative, not one bit. I just didn’t want you to feel that my post was in any way a judgment on you or anyone else who may not feel the same way I do.

    The truth is, that I have many “down” days myself…this post reflects my beliefs and what I know to be true in my heart….but there are many days that I feel hopeless as well. I try not to be too hard on myself on those days, because I think it is very important to feel all your feelings, not just the good ones.

    So, I guess what I am saying is…..you’re not alone. Although I’m not ready to get into the specifics of my medical disabilities so soon in my “blogging” experience…I will say that my motivation for putting this site together (and my other site), was 50% to try and make a difference in the world, and 50% to make myself feel like I’m not just some loser who can’t make a living anymore because I’m sick. –so who’s feeling sorry for themselves now?

    Anyway, thank you for your comments, you seem like a very nice person.

  7. Diane said

    Sounds like we’re in the same boat. I’m honored that you gave me a link. Thank you.

  8. Hi again Diane. I just wanted to let you know, that if you see the links on my main page….I added (women blogging), and your link is called “courageous woman”…..because that is what I think you are, and I think others will agree.

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