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Posted by Catherine Morgan on February 1, 2007



I know this recipe goes against all the things I have been saying about eating healthy. Because, I think it is an actual fact, that Fettuccine Alfredo is the worst food you can eat, as far as, fat, carbs, cholesterol, calories, and that stuff goes. I’m only giving this “TOP-SECRET” recipe out because; with it being winter, the kids really like their “comfort foods”, and this is the one my kids LOVE. For us adults, not a good idea to eat as a meal, but it does make a nice side dish.

That said, the “WORLD FAMOUS” part…..not really, I just say that to make my kids laugh, you know, when you have kids you gotta “HYPE” it up a bit. Anyway, they do think it is good enough to be “WORLD FAMOUS”. You might think so too, once you try it. Also, feel free to take some creative liberty with this recipe, and call it your own (ie: CONNIE’S WORLD FAMOUS FETTUCCINE ALFREDO, or KELLY’S WORLD FAMOUS FETTUCCINE ALFREDO), you know what I mean. And, it’s not really “TOP SECRET”, but if you add “TOP SECRET” to the name of the recipe, it really makes the kids laugh. CATHERINE’S TOP SECRET WORLD FAMOUS FETTUCCINE ALFREDO…..the kids usually don’t seem to realize that the recipe really can’t be both “top secret” and “world famous”….but like I said….it’s all about the delivery, and the “HYPE”.

O.K. here it is. Call your cardiologist and schedule an appointment, because just talking about this recipe, could very well begin to clog your arteries.

O.K…..one more thing. I don’t normally use cookbooks….got it all in the old noggin. So, I apologize if this isn’t the “conventional” approach to writing a recipe. To me, the end result is what matters….and that’s….. YUM, YUM!

O.K. here it is now, for real.


What you will need:

1 box of Fettuccine pasta
1 bag (two cups) Shredded Mozzarella Cheese
1 small container of Ricotta Cheese, (about the size of a jar of peanut butter.)
1 stick of Butter
1 pint of cream or half & half….(you can also use whole milk)

Seasons: Salt, pepper, garlic, parsley.

Toppings: Parmesan and/or Romano cheese

STEP ONE: Boil water in the largest pot you have. Add a dash of oil (so pasta doesn’t stick together), and a bunch of salt (cause it makes the pasta taste yummy) to the water. When the water is boiling add the Pasta. Cook as long as it tells you on the box.

STEP TWO: Drain water from pasta, and put back into the pot. Now, add the stick of butter and let it begin to melt (keep the heat off at this point, cause there is still a few more things to do, you don’t want the pasta to stick to the bottom of the pot).

STEP THREE: In a separate bowl, mix Ricotta Cheese, with the Cream (or milk). Then mix in salt (couple shakes), pepper (couple shakes), parsley (couple shakes), and garlic (I use the powder so, couple shakes) to your taste.

Step three is the step that you are “making it your own”….so you don’t have to feel bad about calling it “your” recipe.

STEP FOUR: Add your STEP THREE to your STEP TWO, and put it over low heat, while you gently stir it all together. Looking yummy already, but we haven’t even added the “piece de resistance” yet.

STEP FIVE: Gradually add the “piece de resistance”, the Mozzarella Cheese. While continuing to gently mix over low heat. Once everything is evenly distributed and the texture seems creamy (if not creamy or wet enough add more milk). Take a fork and scoop some out so you can test it and see if the seasoning is just right, if not add more of what ever it seems to be missing, if just right, maybe sneak another fork full.

STEP SIX: While continuing to gently stir, increase the heat until it is at the temperature you want to serve it. Then serve it. This is not the kind of thing you can make ahead of time, you really need to make it, serve it, eat it….yum!

Put your toppings (Parmigiana, and Romano) ,on the table and let people use to their liking.

For dessert check out my World Famous Chocolate Brownie Cake.

Then, a bit later you might want to check out my post on HEALTHY EATING or my friends over at The Diet Pulpit.


  1. Diane said

    I make the same thing only I make it healthier by using whole wheat fettuccine, 2% milk, and instead of butter I use Smart Beat. Mozzarella cheese comes as part skim and is low fat.

    Smart Beat tastes almost as good as butter, has no trans fat and is a source of omega threes. Whole wheat pasta has come a long way in the past twenty years and is quite good now.

    2% milk is what it is.

    I use a ton of fresh pressed garlic and saute it in extra virgin olive oil. By the time I put it all together I have a hard time telling the difference between the two reipes.

    I have the ingredients in my pantry right now and I’m getting hungry.

  2. Hi Diane….Thanks for the tips, I’ll have to give it a try.

  3. Diane said

    I’ve got a simple and awesome low carb cheesecake recipe which I add chocolate and walnuts to. I think I’ll make the fettucine tonight. I purchased the ingredients two days ago, and it was surprising to see your recipe today.

  4. Hi Diane….I would love for you to share your low carb cheesecake recipe, maybe I could start a section on this site where we can share healthy recipes.

    I’m currently sequestered in my bedroom with my kids, my cat, and our puppy, waiting out a tornado warning.

  5. I’m actually surprised I haven’t lost my cable or internet yet.

  6. Diane said

    I remember what it is like. I grew up in Tornado Alley. I don’t miss it. My good thoughts are with you.

  7. Hi Diane….Shortly after my last post I did lose my Internet, and a tornado was being tracked going through my area. They couldn’t confirm any touch downs because it was between 12am and 3am, when I got up this morning I found the touch downs were in the county next to me. It’s sad, I just found out that, since it happened at 3am most people didn’t even know it was coming, and so far there are 14 confirmed dead.

  8. Diane said

    6am this morning the tornado touchdown was all over the news. I was thinking of you and hoping you were safe. I remember the fear. I used to have nightmares of being swept up by a tornado. I was lucky too and never encountered one. I’m happy you are safe.

  9. Hi Diane….Thanks for your concern. It was really shocking when I saw all of the devistation this morning, and realized how close it was to us…..I can’t imagine living in the “Tornado Alley”.

  10. Hi everyone. Please also see….How you can help the people of Florida’s deadly tornado.

    Thank you.

  11. OK now that is JUST evil (and may just end up being highlighted in a Tuesday Temptations post!) LOL (not to mention fettucine alfredo is my all time favorite dish in the whole wide world!)

    Speaking of healthy recipes – I have recently started a recipe carnival — I am still reading up on how best to go about it, but if you’re interested let me know perhaps we could work together on it. I signed up for it on the blog carnival page – and scheduled the first one for approx. June.

    ( also I am going to be adding your blogs to the Incredible Shrinking Ladies blogs.)

    have a great day, Lady Rose

  12. Hi Lady Rose –

    Thanks for the comment.

    Let me know more about the “blog carnival” thing….I’m not sure what it is, but it sound like something to think about.

    Thanks for all the support.

    You have a great day too!


  13. […] 2007 — thedietpulpit One of my favorite blogs Women 4 Hope has posted an EVIL recipe for Fettuccine Alfredo (a world famous recipe no less!). Normally this site promotes health, well being, all that is good […]

  14. Lydia said

    Hello everyone.
    I am typing from Italy and I really need to say something: WE DON’T KNOW WHAT ON EARTH FETTUCCINE ALFREDO IS HERE!
    Now…seeing how it is cooked…I bet it’s pretty tasty. We often have pasta and ricotta here, but we don’t usually add all those things. We have a similar recipe for “pasta ai quattro formaggi” basically the same thing but with pecorino, gorgonzola, parmesan and another cheese.

    One thing that caught my attention is: “Add a dash of oil (so pasta doesn’t stick together)”…what is this??? NEVER ADD ANY OIL TO YOUR BOILING PASTA. NOT ONLY IS IT DISGUSTING, BUT IT IS ALSO FATTENING! Just put the pasta in the pan and while boiling, stir it like..every 1 or 2 mins. IT WILL NOT GET ATTACCHED! and you’ll save your butt an extra cm!

    Now…I think i’ll try this alfredo sauce tomorrow.

    enjoy italian cuisine, always!


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