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Another Deadly Tornado — What Can We Do To Help?

Posted by Catherine Morgan on March 2, 2007

Lizzie painting by © oldpp




I’m under another tornado Watch, and Alabama has just had a deadly tornado hit them. So, I thought I would put my post about donating to the Red Cross (or any organization that will help the tornado victims), up again for today. Many people have died today, more are still trapped, even more injured, and many homeless. They need our help and our prayers.

If anyone has any additional information or links on other organizations that will help the people of this devastating tornado, please send them to me via the comment section and I will post them. Thank you.



I also found out a few days ago that the painting I feature in this post actually survived a tornado years ago. You can read more from the artist at the bottom of the post.

BE THE CHANGE IN SOMEONES LIFE — post from Feb. 2nd 2007

Less than twenty-four hours ago, I was sitting at this computer, and working on a post for my blog, when that annoying sound came over the television. You know the one, the….this is a test of the emergency broadcast system. However, this time it wasn’t a test, it was a voice notifying the people of my county that a tornado was being tracked, and we should go to the safest area of our house. I quickly through some pillows and blankets into my closet (in the middle of the house, the safest place we have), woke my kids, got our cat and our puppy, and huddled in the closet, off and on for the next two hours. At 2:30am, the local news was saying that the threat was over, but we all ended up sleeping in the same bedroom just in case. It turned out, shortly after we went to sleep, more tornado warnings were issued, and a deadly tornado came true Central Florida. I began getting concerned phone calls from family and friends at about 9:30am, that was when I first learned how bad the tornadoes had been, and how close we had come to losing our home and possibly our lives.

When you live in FL (even for just a year, as I have), you learn all about the chances of hurricanes, how to prepare, and what to do. But, nothing can prepare you for the type of threat that has little to no warning, such as a tornado. In Florida, we do not have any “siren” type warnings, only the local news, and most of us don’t have our televisions on at 3am.

As you all probably already know by now, this tornado has killed at least 19 people, and has devastated several counties in Central Florida. I feel blessed that myself and my family were spared, given how close this tornado came to us, so many were not as lucky, it is so sad, and so heart breaking. SEE PHOTO GALLERY

I’m not writing this post tonight to tell you my story, but to ask for your help. To let all of you out there in “cyber” world know what has happened, and ask that you donate to the RED CROSS. You can make a secure on-line donation at the RED CROSS website, every little bit helps. Don’t donate more than you can afford, but do donate. So many people need your help, there are so many sad stories.

I would also ask, that you be a messenger for the RED CROSS and for the people devastated by this tornado, by sending the RED CROSS link to your friends and family, and letting them know how easy it is to make an on-line donation. If you are on a forum tonight or tomorrow, leave the link, and ask people to pass it on to their friends and family. Help this message spread, and help this link spread, if we do this, we can make a difference.

Well, that’s all I have for tonight. Thank you for your help, your compassion, and your humanity.



RED CROSS — DONATE BY PHONE — 1-800-435-7669


Below is a comment from the artist of the picture in this post.


HI Catherine! Thanks for your visit, too. I enjoyed seeing the pic of Lizzie in your blog. The painting was done a year before we lost that home to a tornado. As for donations to the Red Cross… we did get some help from the Red Cross, but had quite a few problems actually receiving the help. We had much better luck when donations were made to the local churches for the tornado victims. (We were homeless for three months.) Liz, who is now 16 years old, will be thrilled to know a painting of her is on your blog. The painting survived the tornado but the frame was ripped off it. Very little survived the tornado… but we were very lucky because my four children and our dog and I were safe. Thanks again!

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  1. Anonymous said

    hi cathrine. the picture is lovely. the donation to the red cross will be succeded as i hope. i have past my life surviving few tornadoes happen. i am really lucky that i can be writting to u.

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