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Do You Have A Good Doctor? Have You Ever Had A Bad Doctor? — Now You Can RATE YOUR DOCTOR

Posted by Catherine Morgan on March 26, 2007



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Are You Happy With Your Doctor? — by Catherine Morgan

As patients, we all know that we are not always treated with the respect and dignity that we deserve. There is a site called RateMDs.com, and I recommend that EVERYONE (whether you are sick or not) go to this site and rate both your good and your bad doctors. It is very easy to do, and it is the only way that doctors will begin to realize that they can’t just treat us as numbers and dollars, we are human beings, and they work for us. And if they do a bad job, we are going to tell. It is also a good place to check and see if a doctor you are considering going to has a good rating or not.

I can not recommend this activity enough, the internet is a great tool for consumers, and a great way for patients to take their power back. So, go to RateMDs.com and give your good doctors the credit they deserve…..and “tattle” on all those bad doctors who have mistreated and been disrespectful to you. And then pass this information on to your friends and family.


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10 Responses to “Do You Have A Good Doctor? Have You Ever Had A Bad Doctor? — Now You Can RATE YOUR DOCTOR”

  1. drdanbhcmg said

    Rating your Doctors is a great Idea. Some of us do the best job we can and never hear the thank you’s. How about sending your Doctor a note (good or Bad). I save them, I show them to my staff and spouse. I treat between 800-1000 patients a month and have been doing so for 23 years. Some of my fondest menories are the Thank you notes.

  2. “Drdanbhcmg” — Thanks for your comment, and for sharing your experiences with thank you notes from your patients. You sound like a very caring and compassionate doctor, and I’m sure your patients appreciate your kindness.

    Off of this particular topic….I would be interested in what you think of my site on CFS. I have a section specifically for doctors and medical professionals. If you have a chance, I would love to have your input, thank you again for your comment.


  3. You can rate and review your doctor based on a different criteria at MyDocHub.com. MyDocHub is an online health community for you and your friends to anonymously review and rate your doctor experience on punctuality, waiting room times, total time spent in the office and staff efficiency.

  4. Eva said

    I think UCI medical center is an outstanding hospital. The staff members are very helpful and the doctors are very professional and experienced. Most importantly, the parking is convenient. I highly recommend this medical center.


    I went to see Steven Klein, OB/GYN in Mineola, NY in late July of 2001. I had every symptom of ovarian cancer you could possibly have, PLUS, my mother had ovarian cancer, which this man knew about-he was her doctor. I went to this man in terrible pain, begging for help. I had a hugely swollen abdomen and an umbilical hernia. This man refused, REFUSED to examine me by palpating my abdomen. He said he did not want to touch me because I was too overweight and I made him sick. He humiliated me and took pleasure in doing so. He said nothing was wrong with me except that I was too fat, and dismissed me from the office. Four months later I was diagnosed by a real doctor with STAGE III ovarian cancer and for the next several years, lived most of my life in and out of Slaon-Kettering Cancer Center. Luckily I found some real doctors who literally saved my life. I wound up losing 100 lbs. due to chemotherapy and the removal of a malignant tumor the size of a soccer ball from my pelvis and abdomen. So, “Dr.”, I did lose the weight. Are you happy now??

  6. I intend rating honest or defective doctors is cracking way to know that doctors are genuinely doing good job or not. I like your perspectives, and you preferred wonderful way to do this. I am truly looking forward to your future post. Thank you for summing it up well.

  7. Isabelle said

    BEWARE a dentist in L.A. Dr. Katherine Galina. She has a dental office where she does everything and I don’t believe she is qualified. She destroyed my tooth in a routine root canal, she went in and dug around until it was so messed up, the tooth had to be removed. A nerve was damaged in the process, I have TND, Trigeminal Nerve Disorder which leaves me in pain all the time. I have to take Neurontin and there is some chance it will never get better. Please avoid ‘all in one’ places!

  8. Sam said

    I just had a hip replacement. Unfortunately, I made a bad choice in doctors. Also BEWARE Robert A. Cooper in Melbourne Florida—- He has NO bedside manner. He was totally uncaring about pain he inflicted upon me. He ripped off a piece of surgical tape that was attached to MANY hairs on my leg next to my incision. I let out a OH DARN IT (actually it was a bit stronger than that 🙂 )He says “you don’t need to talk that way.” Not “I’m sorry”, or anything. And this was the day after my surgery!!!!!

    He also did not care how much pain I was in after surgery. If it were not for caring nurses (that I found out later, that defied his orders and gave me additional pain meds), I could have shot my self in the head —- it was REALLY that bad. About a week after my surgery, I called to see if there was a different pain med the doctor could give me. Initially, I got his office assistant, and she passed on the question. She also told me that she had received 5 phone calls that day saying other patients oxycodone was not working for them either. She agreed with me that there might be a bad batch of the medicine being dispensed. It was after hours when I received a return call. It was from one of the other doctors in the office. He said he would call me back, which he did, just a few minutes later. He had called Cooper, and he said no – take what I had. I could tell the doctor I was talking to was embarrassed delivering this message.

    Now, a couple of months after the surgery, I am STILL in pain. It is not as bad as right after the surgery, but enough that over the counter pills don’t even touch it. I called for a refill for darvocet (a mild pain medication). I was told I needed to go to a pain clinic – they were not giving me any more medicine!!!! After reading on the web about nerve damage that can occur during hip surgery, I now have to find another doctor to see if Cooper messed up. Needless to say, I am posting on every web site that allows you to rate a doctor. This guy is just no good.


  9. quietshh said

    I had surgery with Shirley Anain and was very unhappy with the outcome. This was a elective procedure and I failed to do my homework. She has no expertise as a diagnostician and ability to problem solve. You routinely leave her office feeling uneasy about her decisions and recommendations. She does not recall your last visit and is uanble to gauge your progress. You constantly have to repeat yourself and you feel has if she is not following along. She is unapproachable when it comes to questions and tells you to go home and look it up. It is difficult to have a dialogue with her about your health care. You feel uninformed more often than not. She does not understand how your medical condition impacts various aspects of your life. In her office you encounter a long waiting period in the waiting room. Usually only spends five minutes with you. You sense her mind is clutterd by other matters unrelated to your care. You feel hurried and she is backing out of the room before you are able to ask all your questios. Not enough time is devoted to your appointment. Do your homework. Check the background of the doctor. Ask to see pictures of their work. Ask to speak with other patients who have had the procedure done with her or him. Check to see if there is past or present lawsuits and ask the doctor about them. Do not choose a doctor based on her or his popularity or media presentation. Do not believe the Castle Connelly rating system. You would be surpised on how this is done. I thought a women would better understand the needs of a women, I was truly wrong. She has not artistic ability something you need in a plastic surgery.

  10. name said

    Best Wishes!,

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