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A 6 Minute Colorful Kaleidoscopic Meditation For Stress Reduction

Posted by Catherine Morgan on March 27, 2007

COLORFUL MEDITATIONFor meditation and stress reduction is 6 mins of continuous highly complex computer generated kaleidoscopic imagery with an original New Age ambient music soundtrack….from http://www.cinemandala.com


3 Responses to “A 6 Minute Colorful Kaleidoscopic Meditation For Stress Reduction”

  1. Sim said

    Hey Catherine,

    These images are mesmerizing! I enjoyed it.



  2. Hi Sim — I’m glad you like the video.

  3. Maya said

    Hi Catherine,

    I am a mother of two teenagers who was trying to hold down a full time high profile job until recently.

    One day I just decided that I needed a break! I gave up my stressful job and signed up for yoga and meditation classes and seriously took the time out for myself. Although I felt quite guilty at first, it was nice to finally feel whole again.

    I love the colorful meditation on this page. The melody is beautiful and haunting. Women’s brains work constantly and it is difficult to change from full time multitasking to doing nothing and thinking of nothing!

    As we think differently, we need to learn effective ways to stop thinking altogether in order to achieve the same benefits of meditation.

    I just read this article about
    meditation for women at http://www.meditationhome.com
    that really helped me appreciate that difference. 

    Of course, on any day, there is no guarantee that we will get even five minutes away by ourselves. Yet, we have to try, for our sanity.

    Thanks for listening…

    Maya 🙂

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