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Childhood Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes — What Can Parents Do?

Posted by Catherine Morgan on April 12, 2007

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Here is an excerpt from a post at Diabetes Diet Dialogue

Can We Save Our Children

In America, an estimated 25 million children under 17 are already overweight, and likely headed for Type 2 diabetes, in my opinion. This is already 1/3 of the children under 17.

“The younger generation is going to live sicker and die younger than their parents because of obesity.” says Dr. Risa Lavisa-Mourey of the Foundation.

So, what is causing the obesity? Can parents and society turn this around? How?


In my opinion, the following are serious contributors to this epidemic.

___ inactivity

___ poor nutrition

___ too much unnatural “food”

___ little understanding of what one must do to be healthy

___ too much stress and lack of coping skills

READ FULL ARTICLECan We Save Our Children


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21 Responses to “Childhood Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes — What Can Parents Do?”

  1. em said

    Dear Catherine,

    Thank you for visiting my blog http://diabetesdietdialogue.wordpress.com and for including a link back to my current post about the ways we may be able to stem the life-threatening epidemic of childhood obesity.

    I certainly hope your readers will finish the whole article, and will work for children everywhere to make this a better life for every child.

    Best to all — Em

  2. Thanks Em,

    Thanks for the comment. It’s an important issue…..that should probably be getting much more attention than it is. I hope everyone links to your site to get all the helpful information you have there.

    I’m also going to add your site to my blogroll.

    Take care,


  3. sibylline said

    Hi Catherine. That photograph is a real heartbreaker. Like your site and your attention to this topic. I’ve just started a site and found your article because i had just posted one of similar content. If you’re interested, you can find it at happyforus.com

    warm regards,

  4. “Sibylline” — Thanks, I’ll check it out just as soon as I can.

  5. Fast food shops have a lot to answer for.

  6. Thanks for the comment James — I agree.

  7. Jia said

    I also think parents need to take the time to study food they feed their children … Instead of going for the fast cure for hunger .. why not take the time to care about your children’s health and learn about food and the body …

  8. star petersen said

    hey….. i feel very sorry for these little boys and girls that have childhood obesity…. i also feel sorry for older men and women that also haave childhood obesity…. i have a question how do u feel if people make fun of you?? well thats all i have to say see ya…

  9. Steph said

    hi. i am a freshman in highschool and im doing an AG project on what percentage of middle school students are over-weight. i just wanted to say that this site is a HUGE help. well personally i think that this issue should be a lot bigger that what it is.. people just blow it off. if you don’t believe me, go in public and look around. espically go to wal-mart and look at what people have in their cart, and all the obese people that cant walk because they are so fat.. well anyways i really appreciate this site!! good luck!

  10. Hi “Star”….I’m not sure I understand? Do you think this post is “making-fun” of obesity? Because that was not my intention at all. This is a post to bring attention to a problem, not to make-fun of anyone.

  11. Thanks for your comment “Steph” – and good luck with your project.

  12. A bit late to this party, but just wanted to say that the current situation has presented itself rather clearly in the summer months. I’ve noticed a real lack of activities outside which kids are partaking in.. gone are the days of road hockey, here are the days of computer hockey.

  13. lily said

    its never the childs fault. its the parents fault, watch what you put in front of your child. for example, ice caps are the worst thing you can give to a child, it has caffine and calories worth of a full meal! worse than two cans of pop! eat in moderation, and exersize. because making your child overweight is basikly child abuse. please prevent diabetes, dont abuse your child.

  14. denise said

    the piture breaks my heart. people complain that fast food places need to start talking, well i think people know about the calories in a mcdonalds big mac, dont eat there every day, its not the resturants fault, the people who eat there every day should start talking, im 10 years old and im saying this! i work out every night with my 13 year old sis lily.

  15. miki said

    omg how terrible, what a sin, how do people let their own like kids get like that, just awful, fuck u wendys!

  16. hecktas said

    Yeah kids should be playing hockey rather than on the computer but hockeys too exspensive, why dont we just raise taxes for our kids heath… ha ha ha!

  17. Knut Holt said

    Beware of false healthy food!!!

    Most ready-made food types consist mostly of bad fat, carbohydrates without much fibre and salty water or is so hard cooked or fried that the butrients are destroyed.

    This also go for most products propagated under the tag “healthy” because they contain a litle fish or a little fullgrain.

  18. Jess said

    Heyy. I was doing an informative speech on childhood obesity and it is almost never the parents fault. First off they buy the food and they usually just get suggary stuff thats bad for you when they should get healthy fresh produce, furits and veggies fresh home-aid foods. Also kids should get more active. That would cause less obeseity. Fast food is really bad for even if it claims its healthy.



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  20. diabetes travel insurance…

    […]Childhood Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes — What Can Parents Do? « women 4 hope[…]…

  21. […] written several posts about the epidemic of childhood obesity. Childhood obesity is very serious, mainly because of all the secondary problems associated with it, including death. […]

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