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UPDATED INFORMATION: Parents Need To Retain The Right To Make Decisions Regarding HPV Vaccine For Their Daughters.

Posted by Catherine Morgan on April 24, 2007

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Parents Need To Retain The Right To Make Decisions Regarding HPV Vaccine For Their Daughters.

Texas Senate Overwhelmingly Opposes HPV Vaccine Mandate

by Jennifer Mesko, associate editor

Bill to let parents decide heads to governor; vote is veto-proof.

On Monday, the Texas Senate voted 30-1 to override Gov. Rick Perry’s order that would have required schoolgirls to be vaccinated against human papillomavirus (HPV), a sexually transmitted infection that causes cervical cancer.

The House passed the legislation last month. It now goes to the governor, who can sign it, veto it or let it become law without his signature, which would happen in 10 days. Both houses have enough votes to override his veto.

“I’m hopeful he’ll be respectful of the vote of the people,” said Kelly Shackelford, president of the Free Market Foundation, an organization associated with Focus on the Family. “They don’t want the power of the Legislature usurped in this way.”

In February, Perry outraged the state and nation when he issued an executive order to require the HPV vaccine for all girls entering the sixth grade. — read full article

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UPDATED INFORMATION — I just did a post on this for BlogHer, and included many new links and information.

New Vaccine Bill Causes Uproar Amongst Lawmakers.

The Herald Democrat coverage on this issue.


Merck would like our government to require our 11 and 12 year old daughters to be vaccinated against a sexually transmitted disease, the HPV virus. We as parents need to maintain the right to make educated decisions on whether this vaccine is right for our child and when.

Also see my previous post on this issue with many links to important information and additional articles….. WHY YOU SHOULD JUST SAY NO TO THE HPV VACCINE



13 Responses to “UPDATED INFORMATION: Parents Need To Retain The Right To Make Decisions Regarding HPV Vaccine For Their Daughters.”

  1. Hmmm. Why? Provided there are no health complications, why should parents have the right to decide which diseases their children are not protected from?

  2. Hmmm, very interesting post (why you should just say no). I do agree, it is alarming to see big pharma driving debate on this. On the other side of the aisle, there are parents who think pre-marital sex is wrong, and hence there is no need for the vaccine. Its kind of like abortion, with those who would exploit migrant workers on one side, and racists on the other. It is a false dichotomy.

    It comes down to, is the vaccine safe? If it isn’t, it shouldn’t be administered to anyone. If it is, why not add HPV to the list of communicable diseases we’ve eradicated from the US? I’m just not certain I can believe either side in this debate.

  3. So many reasons….check out the information and links on this post:


  4. Hey “Fitnessfortheoccasion” — It seems to me that usually the side that is not profiting by Billions of dollars is the one that has the peoples best interest at heart….just a thought.

    Thanks for the comments.

  5. #3
    I didn’t know the vaccine only works for 5 years. Wow.
    I’m still a bit undecided on this then.

    #4 Not always. I think if one is entering into this thinking “This is unproven medicine, why force it upon people”, then that is admirable. I think some opponents of the vaccine are entering into this from a sex/morality/punishment point of view, and that is rather wrong.

    Sure thing. As always, very interesting post!

  6. “Fitnessfortheoccasion”

    I agree that this debate shouldn’t be about sex/morality point of view.

    Thanks again for the comments…..I’m glad you liked the post.

  7. Anonymous said

    I don’t understand why you wouldn’t want your daughter protected from HPV? Are you familiar with how prevalent this STD is in America? It’s THE MOST common STD in the U.S. It also leads to cervical cancer. I have two daughters and I would want both to get the shot. I’m not sure who’s outraged. Every parent I have talked to supports this. This shot is a major medical breakthrough that has been in the works for many years.

  8. “anonymous” — As a mom it is my personal choice to not have my 12 year old daughter receive a vaccine that has not been “proven” safe and effective….I emphasize “proven” because “talking points” from pharmaceutical companies that are benefiting financially from this vaccine…is not “proof” that it is safe or effective (only time will tell that).

    There happens to be a lot of information questioning if the benefit of this drug outweighs the risk. There are many ways to prevent HPV, and having regular pap tests is still the best way to prevent death from cervical cancer (by finding it early and having it treated).

    The bottom line is find out the facts, and allow parents to make educated decisions on what is best for their child. FYI — Boys get HPV….Boys are spreading HPV.




    (The following is all information from previous posts on this subject, that are also linked in the post above.

    “It should be stressed that only a very small percentage of women who have HPV will develop cervical cancer; so simply having HPV doesn’t mean that you will get sick. However, almost all cervical cancers have evidence of HPV virus in them, so infection is a major risk factor for developing it.”

    “So, why do we need to vaccinate for HPV? Why should vaccination be mandatory? Could it be pharmaceutical profit margins? No, that could not be the case, since this information and subsequent recommendations have been made by a non-profit, federally funded, bi-partisan organization called Women In Government.

    [Women In Government is a national 501(c)(3), non-profit, bi-partisan organization of women state legislators providing leadership opportunities, networking, expert forums, and educational resources to address and resolve complex public policy issues. Women In Government leads the nation with a bold, courageous, and passionate vision that empowers and mobilizes all women legislators to effect sound policy.]

    Interestingly enough, the companies funding this government organization, are none other than the pharmaceutical companies, who will ultimately benefit from the policies made by this organization.

    I just want to know, does the benefit of this vaccine outweigh the risks of this vaccine? Should this vaccine be mandatory for young girls? Isn’t the instance of cervical cancer already going down dramatically in this country because of routine PAP tests?

    [Since the Pap test was introduced, the cervical cancer rate has dropped by roughly 70 percent. Experts say the rate would likely have dropped even further if more low-income women and minority women had been screened.]”

    If after reading this information you feel it is in the best interest for your daughter to have this vaccine. You should by all means have her get this vaccine. This is about choice.

  9. Also see……..others blogging on this issue:




  10. I do not thing this is purely about choice, but about whether or not corporations are using feminism as a cover to push their drugs on the population. The more I think about this, the more I’d like to see this angle explored.

  11. Hi “Fitnessfortheoccasion” – Personally, I agree…this is about much more than choice. I think it’s about money and fear…The pharmaceutical companies are using fear to make money. I’m actually working on a piece on this subject for BlogHer for Monday….so I am curious about what you mean about how “feminism” fits into this issue? I’m just not sure I understand? Can you elaborate a bit? Thanks.

  12. SEE UPDATED INFORMATION at my post on BlogHer.org


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