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The Three Faces of the HPV Vaccine (Gardasil)…Fear, Facts, and Profits.

Posted by Catherine Morgan on May 1, 2007

The Three Faces of the HPV Vaccine…Fear, Facts, and Profits — by Catherine Morgan

Merck Suspends Lobbying for Gardasil image from sci-tech-today

Something very disturbing has been happening. Pharmaceutical companies are manipulating us with fear. It was bad enough when these companies began advertising prescription drugs on television. But now they have taken this tactic a step further; and began using fear for the life of our children, to persuade us that we need to get the HPV Vaccine for our daughters. This is the most sinister of abuse…using the love parents have for a child, to manipulate them through fear…for profit.

I will not be trying to convince anyone to get or not to get the Merck HPV Vaccine (Gardasil). What I will try to do with this post is address the facts surrounding the controversy, so all parents can make an informed decision about whether or not to get this vaccine for their child. I’ll begin with my personal opinion…Never make a major decision for yourself or your child out of fear. Please see my full post at BlogHer Health and Wellness


HPV Vaccine…Who Chooses?


Over the last few months at least three of our BlogHer corresponding editors have addressed this Gardasil issue. Both the posts and the comments they generated are very interesting and compelling, so I wanted to give you the links; The People vs. Perry, More Thoughts on Gardasil, as a mom, and Gardisil – for HPV – for Cervical Cancer.


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