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The Mammogram, The Waiting Room, and The Silence.

Posted by Catherine Morgan on May 8, 2007

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We all know that we need to get our yearly mammogram. None of us “want” to get it, but we get it anyway because we know how important early detection is in the treatment of breast cancer. However, there is something that most of us don’t do when we go to get our mammogram that I think we should be doing, something that the doctors and technicians don’t tell us to do. I’ll warn you now…this may be hard for some.Let me start off by telling you that I had my mammogram recently, it was what they call a “diagnostic” mammogram, as opposed to the normal yearly “routine” mammogram. You get a diagnostic mammogram when they find something that doesn’t appear normal…At this point it is still more likely than not that you don’t have cancer, but it could turn out that you do. I know cancer is a scary word, but we really need to get over it. Cancer is not a four letter word that we can’t talk about, in fact we actually need to talk about it. Because, the more we talk about it, and the more we understand it…the less scary “it” will be. Like everything in life – Knowledge is power.

So, let’s get back to my mammogram. I was sitting in the waiting room…Did you ever get in an elevator with four or five other people and feel uncomfortable by the total silence? Well that is kind of what it is like in most mammogram waiting rooms, only we are there for much longer than the standard elevator trip. This was my forth visit to this particular waiting room, in a year. Each time between two and eight other women would be sitting there in various stages of the process of getting a mammogram. You know…Some fully dressed with forms to give to the technician, some waiting in their little hospital gowns for the technician to give them their mammogram, and some waiting for the doctor to say it is o.k. to leave or that they need more films. It’s an eclectic group to say the least, and for some reason we all just sit in silence. Why is that? We may not have anything in common besides getting a mammogram that particular day, but we are all women…Why don’t we talk to each-other? read the rest of this post at BlogHer – Health and Wellness.

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A Little Mammogram Funny…

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6 Responses to “The Mammogram, The Waiting Room, and The Silence.”

  1. Austin said

    You know, it is very silent isn’t it? Kinda like we just don’t want to talk about what we’re doing there, too afraid this time the exam won’t just be painful but we’ll discover something’s wrong. It’s almost as if we hide in the silence to keep our fear from showing but truthfully, the silence shows more fear and allows it to fester than speaking to each other openly.
    This last photo is too funny.


  2. Thanks “Austin” —

    I think you are right that the fear actually speaks volumes through the silence. I’m glad you liked the little funny…when I came across it I just had to use it.

    Thanks for the comment.


  3. rubyshooz said

    Okay, you got me to smile today at the mammogram picture. Thanks!!!

  4. Hi “Rubyshooz” — Anything I can do.

  5. […] Sep 2nd, 2007 by dovelove I don’t usually focus on these types of issues (we draw/create that which we continually focus upon and fear), but was spurred to do so after reading this morning at this blog and another on mammograms. […]

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