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Why Blog?

Posted by Catherine Morgan on July 25, 2007

Another great post by guest blogger Kerri Morrone. I think it’s one we all can relate to. Thanks Kerri.

Why Blog?

Kerri Morrone, Six Until Me. (www.sixuntilme.com)


A few years ago, I was feeling alone. Despite my supportive family and a strong network of friends, diabetes was something I dealt with privately, the lone diabetic floating along in a sea of healthy people.

“It can’t be just me,” I said to myself as I tested my blood sugar and saw a number completely out of range, despite my healthy lunch and my calculated insulin doses.

“It can’t be just me,” I murmured as my insulin pump tubing caught on the doorknob and tugged at the infusion set.

“It can’t be just me,” as the tears of frustration pooled up in my eyes after reading the letter from my doctor stating that my A1c was, once again, over 7%.

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Life Begins Anew Every Day

Posted by Catherine Morgan on July 24, 2007

This is a guest post from K. Stone of Life Learning Today.

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Life Begins Anew Every Day — by K. Stone

The Phone Call

The other day my mother received a phone call from her friend, “Louise.” She said to my mother, “Have you heard?”

“No. Heard what?”

“I have a lover!” she unabashedly announced.

All this might not be so shocking, except for the fact that Louise is 94 years old!

She went on to explain how after moving into her assisted living community, she met a 90 year old man, who we’ll call “Leonard.” Leonard is twice widowed and Louise is widowed after 60 years of marriage.

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Inspirational Women

Posted by Catherine Morgan on July 23, 2007

This is a guest post from Dr. Liara Covert from Dream Builders.

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Inspirational Women — by Dr. Liara Covert

I was thinking about women I’ve known and come to admire. Sure, there are the ones we read about from history and hear about in the news. Mother Teresa, Princess Diana, Joan of Arc, Amelia Earhart, Isabella Bird and Melinda Gates are among women who enter my mind. Yet, who among the women you know truly motivate and inspire you? What is it about certain women that cause you to feel good inside?

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Catherine in Ten Seconds (or so)…For BlogHer Conference.

Posted by Catherine Morgan on July 21, 2007


O.K. — Here goes…Ten seconds about me (hope I don’t bore you to death).

I grew up in Pennsylvania, where some of my fondest childhood memories are of cooking with my mother, doing the chicken dance with my grandmother, and riding my bike to the mall with my friends. I recently moved to Florida with my son (16), and my daughter (13), we love to go to the beach, and on Mother’s day we even saw some dolphins.

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Faith Hill’s Photoshop Retouching On REDBOOK — Give me a break!

Posted by Catherine Morgan on July 17, 2007

More proof that women are attempting to live up to a standard that doesn’t exits. SHAME ON YOU REDBOOK.

How can women and young girls ever feel good about their own appearance, when magazines like this are continuing to perpetuate a false image for them?

This is just WRONG! REDBOOK disrespects it’s readers and women everywhere with this type of action and attempt at deception. Women are beautiful…What REDBOOK has done is UGLY.

NEWS FLASH to REDBOOK: Women have curves, women have freckles, women have laugh lines, and women are beautiful just the way they are! STOP THE DECEPTION!!!!

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Dieting and Weight Loss — It’s all about eating healthy foods, not starvation.

Posted by Catherine Morgan on July 14, 2007

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Dieting and Weight Loss — It’s all about eating healthy foods, not starvation. — by Catherine Morgan

Successful dieting and weight loss comes from one thing, and it’s not a bottle or a book. Being successful at weight loss takes only one step…A commitment to eating healthy foods. Here are several posts I have done on the subject of dieting and eating healthy, and also many links to other bloggers blogging on the same subject.

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How To Protect Your Family From the Mosquito – And Prevent West Nile Virus

Posted by Catherine Morgan on July 12, 2007

By Catherine Morgan — cross posted at BlogHer

I hate mosquitoes, doesn’t everyone? These buggers can really get big too, and I’m pretty sure they are bigger here in Florida than they were in Pennsylvania.
 Cornell University
Last year one got in my house that was the size of a small bird…yuck, yuck, yuck. Bugs really creep me out. O.k. – before I give myself a bug anxiety attack, let me get to the point of this post. West Nile virus and how to prevent it.

West Nile virus is mainly transmitted to people through the bite of an infected mosquito.

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Skin Cancer Prevention – The Facts and the Controversy.

Posted by Catherine Morgan on July 8, 2007

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Skin Cancer Prevention — The Facts and the Controversy (cross posted at BlogHer.org – by Catherine Morgan

A post on skin cancer prevention…That’s easy enough; avoid sunburns, use sunscreen, and check your skin for unusual sores or changing moles. O.K. all done. Well, it turns out it’s a little more complicated than all that. So, let’s take some time to understand the facts and the controversy surrounding skin cancer prevention. Yes, I said controversy. Surprised? You shouldn’t be…Isn’t there a controversy surrounding just about every issue now a days? You’re shaking your head right now aren’t you? Because you know it’s true.

But seriously, here are some of the facts about skin cancer…

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Alli — Friend or Foe? (with Updated Information 8/11/07)

Posted by Catherine Morgan on July 4, 2007



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Additional updated information:

“Every day people are posting problems with this pill and the pharmacists keep giving the same response. ‘Alli works in the gut; it is non-systemically acting and will not interact with your prescriptions.’ A good majority of these concerns have not even had replies posted to. I contacted Alli and expressed the problems I was having. They informed me that I had the stomach flu (which I don’t) and they would not refund me any money,” she wrote.

“I am not just some person irritated with a product that didn’t work. I could care less about the monetary refund. I’m concerned that this is yet another pill that has not been fully tested and they are trying to sell as many as they can before they actually admit there is a problem. They seem to treat any question raised about this pill as silly because it has been through ‘clinical studies’ and dismiss everyone’s concerns.”read full article from Chicago Tribune

ALSO SEE: a doctors opinion

Alli — “The Diarrhea Diet

By Catherine Morgan – cross posted at BlogHer.org

I’m not going to try to sugar coat it, I’m an opinionated person. Back at the end of May when I saw an article about an over the counter diet pill being approved by the FDA, and peddled by a pharmaceutical company, my skepticism antenna went into overdrive.

The result was a post I did the same day on why you should just say no to diet pills, which included several links of other recent drugs the FDA and pharmaceutical companies had claimed to be safe, and later were taken off the market. In my opinion this happens much too often. And the main thing that sets me off is, it seems to be all about money. (Shocking! Not so much.) The FDA takes money from the pharmaceutical companies to “study” and approve their drugs, then the pharmaceutical companies make millions (even billions) off the American people, then voila, the drug that was once “safe” is no longer safe. It’s a very interesting phenomena.

Glaxo’s Avandia Fuels Arguments For Tougher Drug Laws — The study, released May 21, showed that Avandia, the world’s best-selling diabetes pill, increased the risk of a heart attack 43 percent. Members of Congress are questioning the Food and Drug Administration’s handling of evidence of side effects since the drug won U.S. approval in 1999.

The Avandia report has reignited complaints by Congress that the FDA is too lax in monitoring drug complications after a product is on the market. The agency previously was criticized for failing to act on heart dangers linked to Merck & Co.’s Vioxx painkiller before it was withdrawn in 2004, and for missing suicide risks linked to antidepressants. — read full article

Call me crazy, but it is troubling to me that the FDA considers a drug that basically induces diarrhea as a safe and effective means of weight loss. https://i0.wp.com/msnbcmedia4.msn.com/j/msnbc/Components/Photos/070522/070522_dietpill_vmed_12p.widec.jpg Sure, you can argue that the drug is blocking fat from being absorbed and a side effect of that is causing diarrhea…but really…semantics. Right? Don’t we consider people that are using drugs to induce diarrhea as suffering from Bulimia, and in need of medical and psychological help? What about this…Lets say that a pharmaceutical company came out with a drug that induced vomiting, does that mean if the person is not sticking their finger down their throat they are not sick, they are just dieting? If that’s the case, maybe someone should consider repackaging Ipecac into pill form, and marketing it as the newest diet plan. Is it really that much of a stretch from where we are now???

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