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Catherine in Ten Seconds (or so)…For BlogHer Conference.

Posted by Catherine Morgan on July 21, 2007


O.K. — Here goes…Ten seconds about me (hope I don’t bore you to death).

I grew up in Pennsylvania, where some of my fondest childhood memories are of cooking with my mother, doing the chicken dance with my grandmother, and riding my bike to the mall with my friends. I recently moved to Florida with my son (16), and my daughter (13), we love to go to the beach, and on Mother’s day we even saw some dolphins.

Whenever I cook something special, I’ll say it’s my “world famous” recipeI’m a legend in my own mind. And just as I cooked with my mother, now my daughter and I cook together, and we also sometime collaborate on a “world famous” recipe. Honestly, if I’m not going to teach her how to be a little crazy, who will?

I’m a nurse by profession, but unable to work due to several chronic problems, and I write all about that exciting part of my life at “Living With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome“. I’m also very happy for the opportunity to write about health and wellness, as a contributing editor at BlogHer.

Do you want to hear something really funny? I just had to reset my Internet because my pages weren’t loading, and once I got back online I was at the Yahoo front page, and this is what was pictured. Well, that is just too funny. Guess who my first kiss was? Yup. It was at a car show in Philadelphia, and I waited in line with a friend for over an hour with about a hundred other girls (I think I was in 6th or 7th grade). What are the chances of me writing about my childhood memories and then one just pops right up on the Internet? Maybe it’s not so funny….maybe it’s destiny??? Probably not, I’m pretty sure he doesn’t remember me. Although, I am pretty unforgettable.

Well this is suddenly going way over ten seconds, sorry about that. I guess I just won’t be able to tell you about all the other famous people I’ve kissed. Maybe I’ll tell you when I see you at the conference. Until then.


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