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Life Begins Anew Every Day

Posted by Catherine Morgan on July 24, 2007

This is a guest post from K. Stone of Life Learning Today.

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Life Begins Anew Every Day — by K. Stone

The Phone Call

The other day my mother received a phone call from her friend, “Louise.” She said to my mother, “Have you heard?”

“No. Heard what?”

“I have a lover!” she unabashedly announced.

All this might not be so shocking, except for the fact that Louise is 94 years old!

She went on to explain how after moving into her assisted living community, she met a 90 year old man, who we’ll call “Leonard.” Leonard is twice widowed and Louise is widowed after 60 years of marriage.

A Life of Service

Louise’s marriage was not horrible, but it was also not easy. Early on in her marriage, her husband developed a disability that prevented him from working. He was not known for his warmth, nor for his encouragement, even before his disability. Despite this, Louise stuck by her husband caring for him physically, and financially supporting him throughout their marriage until his death about 10 years ago.

My mother asked, “Louise, do you mind if I ask you a personal question?”


“Do you sleep in the same bed?” my mother inquired tentatively.

“Of course! Every night!. He wants to hold me all night long. He loves to cuddle,” she said, her smile shining through the phone receiver. “He really appreciates and loves me so much. He is so supportive and encouraging. I don’t know what I would do without him. This past winter I had a very bad case of pneumonia. I was hospitalized for 5 weeks and I didn’t think I would make it, but he was there for me every day. I’m here today because of him. I’m so happy!”

The Lessons for Us All

When my mother told me this story, I practically cried, it was so beautiful. Imagine finding the love of your life at 94! How wonderful! How magical life is!

For me I take away two lessons from this uplifting story:

1. Karma Always Comes Around. She had done the right thing sticking by her husband, caring for him with compassion and tirelessly supporting him and their family for their whole marriage. Our acts of goodness are repaid back to us.

2. Life Has Many Gift for Us. Pleasant surprises are always around the corner. When Louise went into her assisted living community she could have seen this as the end of her life, perhaps retreated to solitude. Instead she kept herself open to receive the gifts of life. We play a role in whether we receive these gifts or not. Our door must be open to let them in. Keep hope and faith no matter your age or circumstances. New gifts are always on their way to you! Let’s look for them!

What was your latest gift from Life? Did you not see it at first? And what about Karma? What has been your experience? Please share!

K. Stone is author of Life Learning Today, a blog about daily life improvements. A few of her most popular articles are Simplifying Your Goals, How to Write a Book in 60 Days or Less,and Decision Making Made Easy.



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