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How You Can Help The Children of the Peru Earthquake

Posted by Catherine Morgan on August 18, 2007

UNICEF needs your donations to help the children of Peru Earthquake.

PISCO, Peru – The death toll rose to 450 on Thursday in the magnitude-8 earthquake that devastated cities of adobe and brick in Peru‘s southern desert. Survivors wearing blankets walked like ghosts through the ruins.

Dust-covered dead were pulled out and laid in rows in the streets, or beneath bloodstained sheets at damaged hospitals and morgues. Doctors struggled to help more than 1,500 injured, including hundreds who waited on cots in the open air, fearing more aftershocks would send the structures crashing down.

Destruction was centered in Peru’s southern desert, at the oasis city of Ica and the nearby port of Pisco, about 125 miles southeast of the capital, Lima.

The United Nations said the death toll was expected to rise beyond the 450 reported by Peru. — read full article


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3 Responses to “How You Can Help The Children of the Peru Earthquake”

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  2. sara said

    simple but quality, thanks!

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