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Has the Pro-Life Movement Turned Into a Terrorist Movement?

Posted by Catherine Morgan on September 6, 2007


Suzanne from BlogHer did a post today about how violent the “pro-life” movement has become. Suzanne sites these facts about how hate and terror are permeating through the “pro-life” movement.

How many actual human beings – living and breathing, with family and friends who love them and value them – have been killed by so-called “pro-lifers?” Well, Dr. Bernard Slepian was killed in his kitchen upon return from synagogue by a life-saving sniper. Dr. David Gunn was shot and killed in the parking lot of the clinic he worked in. Religious Tolerance counts 24 murders and attempted murders by “pro-life” folks from 1993-2004. Almost 150 bombings, arsons, or attempted bombings or arsons took place against clinics, many with people inside. Further, 11,449 incidents with hate mail, harassing phone calls, bomb threats, and other terrorist tactics have been employed by “pro-life” advocates.

Planned Parenthood says…

>> On August 25, hundreds of anti-choice extremists picketed near the site of the Planned Parenthood clinic as part of a “40-day prayer vigil” to protest the opening.

>> Aurora is home to some of the most radical anti-abortion organizers. Despite the attacks on Planned Parenthood from these extremists, Planned Parenthood of Chicago is determined to bring reproductive health care to a community that is lacking access to services like contraception, disease prevention, and sex education.

>> At the helm of the campaign is Joe Scheidler, founder of the Pro-Life Action League. Scheidler made his name in 1980’s when he called for the “year of pain and fear” for reproductive health care providers and patients. He as been quoted as saying: “For instance, several years ago we tracked down a twelve-year-old girl who was going to have an abortion so that we could talk her out of it. Talking a woman out of having an abortion is not news. But tracking her down by using a private detective is” and has vowed to stop abortion “by any means necessary.”

>> Aurora is a largely Hispanic and working class community, and Planned Parenthood saw a growing health care need: Illinois ranked seventh-highest in 2005 for chlamydia rates and 11th-highest for gonorrhea, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The Guttmacher Institute reports that among the 50 states and the District of Columbia, Illinois ranks 46th in the availability of contraceptive services and supplies. In Illinois, 1,558,620 women are in need of contraceptive services and supplies.

>> As in communities across the country, Planned Parenthood is stepping up to help Aurora’s families, which need health care access desperately like so many Americans. We saw this in South Dakota last year and now we’ve opened health center in the backyard of one of the most extreme leaders of the anti-choice movement. In a time when sex scandals dominate headlines, groups like us who are promoting safe and safer sex are under increased attack.

The Planned Parenthood clinic in Aurora, Illinois has become ground zero in the fight for women’s access to reproductive health care. The Planned Parenthood clinic in Aurora was just built and is the largest PP clinic in the country which makes it the #1 target for anti-choice groups. Anti-choice groups have sent thousands of protesters to the clinic — more people are protesting this clinic than we’ve seen for a long time, and their goal is to stop the clinic from opening. To be honest, it’s going to take all of our efforts to open this clinic, and we’re trying to rally with national support. The anti-choice bloggers are all over this, and I’m hoping we can get the pro-Planned Parenthood message out there quickly so that women in Aurora and across the country know they are safe and welcome at our clinics.

What people can do to stand with Planned Parenthood:

>> Ribbon campaign: We are asking Planned Parenthood supporters across the country stand with us by filling out a form to have a ribbon in their name tied outside the clinic in Aurora.

>> Donate to keep our doors open:

Quick points about Aurora and the protests:

You can read Suzanne’s full post, When “Pro-Life” Means “Terrorist”, and all the comments associated with it, at BlogHer.org

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95 Responses to “Has the Pro-Life Movement Turned Into a Terrorist Movement?”

  1. kokayi137 said

    Thank you! For once I learned something after visited a blog on Wordprss. I am in absolute agreement that it is an oxymoron to call yourself pro-life and be violent.

    • Brian said

      Describing violent actions done by prolifers doesnt exactly justify the socalled right to choose. Thats like saying because we were violent in bombing Nagasaki during WW2 the Axis had every right to invade Poland, Pearl Harbor and start the Holocaust. I mean I’m just saying. It might point out the hypocrasy in people, but whats new? Some “prochoice” people probably wouldn’t want their friends to get an abortion and I’m glad about that. The fact of the matter is though, that while it may affect a woman’s body, some would suggest there’s another human body(perhaps female aswell) within the woman thats just as entitled to live. That’s where the debate truly lies and will continue too.

      • Anonymous said

        Brian, you hit the mark.

      • Anonymous said

        Brian, you should think before you speak. I say this because you state your historical references backwards to try and make a point. I say this because the way you are arguing it you say they didn’t have a right to attack, just because the US bombed them therefore just because it’s a woman’s body doesn’t mean she has the right to choose what to do with her un-born child. However it was the attack at pearl that provoked the US into WW2, the holocaust was already well well well underway, and these bombings were at the end of the war to put a stop to germany’s advancement and continuation of more acts like this. Your other points are useless, you say that the fetus should be entitled to “live” as if it’s already living, it is not, hence the time frame attached to allowable abortion times, it is not alive at these points, it is ALMOST, ALMOST the same as taking someone off life support. Their bodies their choice, if the fetus can survive on it’s own, great, miracle, if not well sorry but these women have the right to have it removed from THEIR BODIES.

  2. Thanks for your comment “Kokayi137”, I agree.

    I hope now that you’ve found my site, you’ll become a regular reader and commenter.

  3. PalMD said

    I’ve see it with my own eyes. People like you who have the guts to write it down help everyone.

  4. Thanks “PalMD” — But, I can’t really take credit for this one. I’m just relaying the message with this post…the real credit goes to Suzanne from BlogHer.org

  5. Suzanne said

    Thanks Catherine! I think we make an excellent team when it comes to covering this disturbing issue. And I particularly like the cartoon you posted.

  6. Hi Suzanne. You did a great job on your post for BlogHer, and it made me want to address the issue here too. This has been a problem for a long time, and it’s just not right.

    Off topic…I find it quite hypocritical that the majority of “Pro-Live” supporters, are also supporters of George Bush and the Iraq war. Why isn’t a soldiers life any value to these people? I think they have a very “warped” sense of right and wrong.

    Thanks for your comment Suzanne.

  7. Suzanne said

    Nah, soldiers are born, so therefore their lives are useless. Only the unborn have a right to life.

    • Mama2tots said

      Those who would say that a soldier’s life is useless is not truly pro-life. The pro-life movement is largely about protecting those who, clearly, cannot protect themselves. Why does everyone else have rights, even dogs, when an unborn baby has none? I do not see why it matters what stage of development a human is in, when he/she is human in them all. The actions of the extremists are horribly wrong, but their reprehensible actions do not negate the inhumanity of the “pro-choice” movement. There is nothing more anti-Feminist than abortion. It simply diminishes our God-given worth to make abortion a simple, widely accepted choice.

      • Anonymous said

        LOL The feminist movement was all about women having rights, the right to choose, vote, work etc etc etc abortion weather you agree or disagree with it is very much what feminism is about the right to choose for yourself what is right and wrong, not to have others choose it for you.

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  9. Net said

    >> … Illinois ranked seventh-highest in 2005 for chlamydia rates and 11th-highest for gonorrhea, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

    Why is it that this is true? Because we don’t have enough Planned Parenthoods in operation? I think it is because we do not as a nation have enough faith in God (or abide by His rules). To me, the division between PL and PC more and more becomes a division of those that believe and those that don’t or have at best a weak unknowing faith. Can a PC woman truly believe that she is not taking the life of her child when she receives an abortion? That’s what makes this cartoon so silly to post. (How violent is taking away the life of your very own child? – even one from rape is yours.) The PL-ers that are violent are without a doubt wrong. All violence is to be abhorred. I ended the life of my child in 1978 through abortion. I was desperate. And I understand that is true for many who seek out PP’s services. But abortion, in taking the life of your child in an instant, also damages the mother, but for a lifetime. I regret my abortion. The aftermath (almost three decades now) has been painful. I do not know any terror greater than abortion. That is why I am pro-life.

  10. Net,

    Faith in God won’t keep you from contracting Chlamydia nor will it clear up said infection once you have it. You can follow His rules as much as you possibly can and it won’t prevent you from contracting these sexually transmittable diseases. What if you have a mate who cheats? Will your faith and obedience in God keep you from contracting any disease he/she brings home? Nope. Instead, you would need medical care, medical care of the kind that places like Planned Parenthood provides to women who would otherwise go untreated.

    By the way, how did you come to believe that you have the power to know who has faith and to what extent they have it? If you truly believe in God and are familiar with His words, then you’d know that only He can discern what is in our hearts and only He has the authority to judge our faith. You made this blanket statement that abortion damages the mother for a lifetime. Well, that may have been true for YOU but it certainly isn’t the case for the millions of women around the world and throughout time who have gone on to lead perfectly well-adjusted lives after having an abortion. So, you regret your abortion. That’s just YOU. It doesn’t mean that other women should go without care simply because YOU made a decision that you are now uncomfortable with.

    • Anonymous said

      Agreed, great comment Bint, and may I also add Not only have millions gone on to live well adjusted lives because of this, but they have lived lives, impacted the world and done countless other amazing things that in many cases never would have been possible if they hadn’t had an abortion, especially with underage girls who may never have completed highschool and could have ended up on the street, and un-able to support their child.

  11. Juan said

    And so it goes on, the stupid blindness and hipocrisy of proabortion people. Oh, if you don´t like abortion don´t have one, they say. Imagine then: Oh, if you don´t like gas chambers for jews just don´t push any into, if you don´t like infanticide, rape or robbery just don´t do these things yourself, but be tolerant of other people´s choices to gas jews, kill babies, rape women or rob. Fine logic,you tiresome fools. Meanwhile millions of babies go on being murdered and dismembered in their mother´s wombs.
    Juan Campos

    • dd said

      What about soldiers? For one thing, they are adults who have made a decision to join the armed forces to help protect our country. They are the reason you have freedom of speech. It’s intersting that when a God-believing person stands up for what they believe in they are accused of being hateful and hypocritical. But it is okay for you to spew your hate and nonsense everywhere.

  12. Hi Juan.

    Although I respect your feelings, I don’t agree with your analogy. The “babies” you are talking about are not really “babies” and not viable outside the womb…so the comparison can’t be made. I also don’t agree that a person who is “pro-choice” is “pro-abortion”…we are for choice not abortion…there is a big difference.

    • dd said

      But mainly you are pro-abortion. But that’s okay, you have won, legally, etc., etc., but let US have our choice NOT to murder unborn babies and not be condemned for it. It is God who gave you life and God who takes it away, not us. I happen to have a very dear friend who was raped and impregnated and had the child, who is now in college, and she considers him the most beautiful blessing to have ever come into her life. She trusted God to make all things good. If you don’t trust God, or know God, and have faith in him, you will only ever have faith in mankind, and I feel really sorry for you because humans will always disappoint.

      • Anonymous said

        Yet again the God side of the arguement, you like to use the bibles quotes to suit your argument when it fits. You judge us for these things, if you believe in God you should also believe that Only god himself may pass judgment on pro-choice people and on their faith so don’t judge. Secondly no, pro-choice is not pro-abortion, we aren’t saying yay abortion let’s all have them, no. We are saying that if you or anyone wants to have kids they should be able to but also in return those who don’t should be able to choose to not have them, for whatever reason they decide.

    • rachel said

      Have you ever been pregnant? You can feel every movement, heartbeat, muscle spasm, hiccup the fetus has while in your womb. Not a baby until there aren’t uterus walls between you? Absurd. It’s a baby. Child. Human being. To end a human’s life is murder. No questions about it, you monster.

  13. juan campos said

    Hi Catherine.
    What are then the babies I am talking about? Not babies because you arbitrarily decide so? It is exactly the same as people who decide that blacks, jews, women,slaves…are not really people but something inferior.
    An unborn child is only a human being who is younger than a born child and lives inside the mother instead of outside.Who has the right to decide that people who are younger, or smaller than other people are not people and can be killed? What is the philosophical basis for such irrational claim?
    What is more, babies are becoming viable at younger and younger ages, does it not strike you as incoherent to claim that babies become babies depending on the state of the technology of the society into which they are born? On top of it, to claim that one has rights or not depending on whether one is viable or not is begging the question. Why should viability, and not any other criteria, become the criteria to decide over the right of life and death. Born babies are also extremely dependent, many discapacitated adults also are…they are not viable unless they can make a huge claim on the time and money of their carers.
    We know much more about the developmental capacities of the unborn nowadays than in the seventies, and everything we have learnt has increased the similarities of born and unborn children.Have a look at the book of Thomas Verny on the secret life of the unborn child, or at the reasoning of philosophers like Rosalind Hursthouse(atheist) or Francis Beckwith( catholic).The reality of the unborn as a member of the human species is a fact and all ethics about abortion should be similar to the ethics about infanticide.

    The central issue is that human beings are not “born” when they are born but are individuals alive from nine months earlier. Members of the human species and alive. They hence have rights over and above the wishes for confort, career, etc…of mothers, fathers or relatives whose lives are affected by their arrival.
    Juan Campos

  14. Hi Juan — Like I said I respect your opinion, I just don’t agree with it. To me…cells in a petri-dish are no more a baby than cells from menstruation…both capable of eventually becoming a baby, but neither are. I guess we will have to agree to disagree, but thanks for your comments.

  15. Juan campos said

    Well,Catherine, you just want to avoid the issue,
    cells in a petridish!It depends what kind of cells.
    But really, how many abortions, thousands throughout the States, hundreds of thousands throughout the world, are about highly developped foetuses,i.e.unborn children and not about “cells in a petridish”? Have a look if you dare to confront your defense mechanisms of avoidance, at the many photos and videos in the web of late abortions.
    As for the cells, nobody raises a moral problem about an appendix removal, they are just cells, and part of the body of the mother as the proabortion slogans says.The problem is These Cells are a human being in the same sense that the bunch of cells you or I am are the totality of our physical existence as human beings and to destroy them is called homicide, not surgery.
    Incidentally proabortion is the correct expression, exactly for the same reasons that one can say people are pro-death penalty if they say things like: I personally dislike the death penalty and would not pass one or execute it, but I believe in freedom of conscience and let others, through State mediation, have freedom of choice to pass death penalties.
    The problem you, prochoicers, have is exactly to JUSTIFY why you can deny to the unborn and ON WHAT BASIS, their obvious biological membership of the human species. I am afraid you have not even begun to address the issue seriously.
    But,I was once proabortion and it took many arguments, evidence and, above all, life experiences to force me to readdress my convictions. I know these emails won´t change your set convictions, but I also know that the mind and the heart store these words and work deep down even against the conscious thoughts of the person, so I will leave it for now. Just try and Reason to yourself your position on middle and late abortion, the vast majority of abortions, and LOOK inside the womb. We now have pictures of the little WHOS who live there.
    Best wishes

  16. Blaine said

    very well put Juan – i too was mislead as to what ‘choice’ meant. it took a marriage to a very strong pro-life ambassator to open my eyes as to what life means. I think that the majority of individuals who are pro-abortion simply are uneducated as to what abortion is and how it effects the woman afterword. once individuals truly are educated on the issue…it’s almost incoherant to me as to why they would continue to support the act.

    and I would like to know what the difference is between ‘choice’ and abortion…if you are pro-choice…aren’t you inherently pro-abortion? what is the alternative choice?

    • Anonymous said

      The alternative choice is to have the child, which is the choice many people make every single day, tons who are pro choice but want to have the child and then choose to do so, however they are pro-choice for people who may not be as blessed as they are, who maybe can’t support, love, etc a child or who flat out don’t want a child at that point.

  17. PalMD said

    “what kind of cells”
    This leads us down the path of reductio ad absurdum. Does life begin when sperm enters egg? Encounters egg? When egg and sperm actually become one? When a certain number of cells is reached?
    How about the unique sperm that is to fertilize the egg? What if it is, er, wasted?
    Do we have a funeral for a miscarriage at 4 weeks? Do you have to baptize a lump of bloody products of conception no larger than a pea?

    • Laura said

      PalMD: Wow…I guarantee you that many women who have had miscarriages at “4 weeks” would indeed, consider the life they had growing inside of them worth a funeral. You apparently have no respect for life, be it conscious or unconscious.

  18. Bridgette said

    i would like to thank Juan and Net for revealing the truth. I can’t ever understand that even after people discover the truth, they ignore it and remain stubborn in changing their minds and accepting what is real. I am 17, still in high school, and every day at lunch, i hear these girls talk about “i am 100% pro-choice, and shoot, if i got pregnant, i’d have an abortion, no doubt!” and that just blows my mind! how can people be so selfish as to take a life of another to “better” their own?? it doesn’t work, so why bother? every human has natural human rights, no matter how small. a child is a child at conception. if it has the potential to be fully developed, why wouldn’t you call it a human being? and by the way, did you know that if a pregnant woman is murdered, the murdurer is charged with a double homicide, but if a woman freely chooses to KILL HER BABY, it’s fine. i had also just recently had to research the beginnings of planned parenthood, and i could not believe the results! here are some sites to visit so you can see for yourselves: , . i hope that everyone can have to opportunity to learn and discover the truth, then maybe there can be some peace in this world, just maybe.

    God Bless

  19. Bridgette said

    sorry, i just realized that the sites (margaretsanger.blogspot.com and blackgenocide.org) i wanted to post on margaret sanger didn’t go through, so i’ll try it again. the websites are: http://margaretsanger.blogspot.com/


  20. Amandarose said

    One question that has always struck my mind is on the beaches of Florida there are many sea turtles nest. Here they lay their eggs on the beach. The only thing that bothers me is that Florida surround the nest with signs saying “do not disturbed. They surround them with signs because if distrubed the sea turtles will be killed. My question is why do we protect baby sea turtles more than we protect our own babies in our wombs?
    thank you

  21. Mary said

    Pro Life all the way, you equal trash if you seriously get an abortion because “you dont want a kid” or the typical “i wasn’t ready” your KILLING LIFE END OF STORY. Pro choice is for retards and karma is a bitch you can’t escape that and god is watching everything has its price go ahead kill another innocent child you stupid feminist pmsing dumbasses.

  22. Amandarose said

    Well not all feminists are pro choice there is a website i believed is called feminists for life. Another thing is that if you Mary call them stupid feminists you are pretty much proving there point. That we can get angry and do harmful and violent gestures. The truth lies before them if they don’t want to accept it then that is there choice, but it saddens me to see that there are women out there that don’t believe that it is a baby. Not all pro lifers are violent just some of these people give the pro life movement a bad name.
    The truth will set you free!

  23. Bridgette said

    YES- thank you amandarose. can we all just accept what is real? or what? and i just wanted to say that just because some pro-lifers have gone crazy with bombings and whatnot that does NOT mean that the pro-life movement is becoming terroristic. there are more peaceful pro-lifers than there are violent ones(they need some help, let’s face it, they’re pretty crazy)

    prayer is the most powerful weapon i believe! i pray that America (and every country in the world) will stop killing the most innocent and vulnerable people: the unborn.


  24. Amandarose said

    I have to ask one question to pro choicers. Are you not being violent if you kill someone. I have read both books of Norma McCorvey or better known as Jane Roe before and after her conversion from pro choice to pro life. In her first book she wrote about her early and harsh childhood. She also wrote about what ahe did before she converted to the pro life movement. She never mentions in her first book “I am Roe” about the cruelty that happens in abortion clinics. In her newest book after her conversion “Won by Love” she writes the reality of abortion clinics. One scene of her book is the part room. After the abortion the abortionists has to find all the parts of the “fetus” (baby) before they put it in the parts room. They freeze the parts in a white freezer. None of the abortion clinic workers liked to go in there if a the parts missed the jars or bucket they would leave it there. My mother also read in the book that a group called operation rescue found a “fetus” skull (baby’s skull) in one of the jars. If that is not violent i do not know what is. I also agree that prayer is the most powerful weapon. I whole heartedly agree Bridgette.
    Speaking from the Truth

  25. Ashley said

    A unborn group of cells won’t have a chance at survival until after week 27, then it is a 90% chance.It is my uterus therefore it is my jurisdiction. Men can not possibly be pro-life because they will never be faced with that decision. If a 15 year old is raped by here father and becomes pregnant, should be forced to carry the cell full term? What if someone is raped and becomes pregnant? Should they be forced to carry the child? The answer is no because that choice to take her right to say “no” away was taken therefore, she should decide whether or not she carries those cells. It is a woman’s choice and only a woman’s choice. I am extremely well educated on the topic of abortion. I work at a rape crisis center so I am also well educated about what rape does to a person. Survivors of sexual assault are not in a healthy place after that. Many survivors have addictions to substances as a result of the assault, in fact, they are 5 times more likely to develop substance abuse issues (Minnesota Victim Assistance Academy). Forcing them to carry some cells is ridiculous. Maybe, you people should really think about what it might be like to have to make a decision like that. I can’t imagine it would be easy. Try to imagine being sexually assaulted and carrying some cells that were created out of so much hatred for woman and the desire to control us. I doubt that men are faced with the choice of an abortion…ever. Maybe if we stopped teaching abstinence only, our children wouldn’t be forced to make that choice. Maybe, if we educate males, they would learn how to treat woman the right way. Don’t crucify someone else because it against your religion, it may not be against their religion. End of story.

  26. Amandarose said

    So you don’t blame the man for getting a woman pregnant? You instead would blame the lump of cells or whatever you call it. You also said “Should they be forced to carry the child?” it is in your comment. Then that proves that it is not your body. If it is a “child”. I have another question if we teach people about smoking do they stop? Some do but many don’t also if we tell people to stop drinking and driving do they? Again some do but many don’t so even if we gave classes or education avaliable the temptation is there. Men will still be attracted to women and young girls. Sex is a very powerful thing. I would have to admit im 16 years old and in my junior year of high school. I know if i was raped or sexually assalted and got pregnant i would be tempted to have an abortion. Not because i would want to kill someone, but because i would be embarressed. I know in my heart that i would not want to kill a baby. You said it in your comment that it is a child then it is not your body.
    Don’t deny the Truth

  27. Amandarose said

    I also have read the earlier comments about the pro lifers beliving in the Iraq war. Well I have something to say about that.

    When did the pro life movement ever say or imply that a soldier’s life is worthless. You may say because we believe in the war, but the problem with that argument is that there is a choice. What I mean is that the soldiers had a choice to join the army and navy. Unfotunately the recruiters glorify the army by lying and telling them, we will pay for your college, you will travel around the world, etc. It sounds very much like what abortion clinics say to young girls that you will be able to have all this freedom. A baby right now will be a burden to you, etc. The truth is a preborn baby has no choice in whether or not it lives, unlike a soldier who has the choice whether or not to join the army, navy, etc. One more point is that a soldier has the ability to protect and defend himself, unlike the preborn baby. Its known that when a doctor is performing the abortion and inserts his instrument, the preborn baby moves away from it. Unfortunately for the preborn baby it is back up againist and has no way to protect itself. The way a preborn baby protects itself is by moving away. Unfortunately he or she cannot move for long.
    It hurts but it is True!

  28. Ashley said

    I am confused as to the nature of your comment Amandarose. You say that sex is powerful and boys will be attracted to girls? And you also made several other comments that I don’t understand. Yes, but then maybe they will use condoms and birth control. Education works. It is proven again and again by countless statistics. So I don’t know where you got the “many don’t listen” thing. Texas is the #1 example. Also, abortion clinics do not tell them “Go ahead, you will have all this freedom without a child.” In fact, they try to avoid abortion and educate them on other solutions. Abortion is a last option. Maybe, if you educated yourself on the clinics themselves, you might know that. I respect your beliefs but do not for a second think you should be able to push them on someone else. It is a woman’s choice, that ONE woman who is making that decision. Not yours or anyone else’s. Instead of putting all of your time and thought into this topic, why don’t you pick a cause more worthy? Maybe ending violence against women? I also KNOW FOR A FACT they don’t tell these kids that. My brother is proudly serving in the US Air Force. My best friend is in the marines, doing recon. The recruiter told him he is probably going to be killed. Doesn’t sound like free money or a passport to paradise to me.

  29. Amandarose said

    I believe that it is a cause worth fighting for, even if you do not agree. I will give you the opportunity Ashley to read about the abortion clinics from a person who worked about 20 years in an abortion clinic. Her name is Norma McCorvey, better known as Jane Roe in Roe v. Wade. She wrote a book called “Won by Love.” I encourage you to read it. This is how I was enlighted and so many others as well. My mother has been in an abortion clinic so I am well informed. Also my mother has worked to help heal women who suffer from having an abortion. Many woman are abused by husbands or boyfriends when they are pregnant and are sometimes forced and threatened to have an abortion. In a way you and my mother are helping women to heal from violence and abuse. I commend you on doing that. I am not trying to push my beliefs I am trying to inform. If you read the book “Won by Love” will you please tell me what you think of it.
    Let your heart be open.

  30. Ashley said

    I have the most open heart of anyone. If I was pregnant, I personally would not have an abortion. It is not right for me, but DO NOT take that right away from others who choose that. I will not read your book because I will not agree no matter what. It is my right to choose what is my body. It is only my right and no one else’s. I commend her effort as well for trying to educate people on all of their options. Do you believe in welfare? Do you think it is a good program? My mother is a survivor of domestic violence. When she was pregnant with me my father thought she should have an abortion but she didn’t listen and here I am. I also want to know where your facts are coming from. What would say if the woman was using substances while pregnant? What about a risk to the mother’s health?

    • Tim said

      “I have the most open heart of anyone.”
      “I will not read your book because I will not agree no matter what.”
      That’s open

    • Gary said

      What about the little girl inside the womb of the woman? does she get a choice in a pro-choice world?

  31. Kelly said

    Ashley & all other “pro-choicers”

    You ask some great questions that I would like a chance to respond to them.

    1.) “A unborn group of cells won’t have a chance at survival until after week 27, then it is a 90% chance” I am sure that you can understand that a fetus doesn’t go from a 0% chance of survival to 90% magically at the 27th week. At 24 weeks the fetus has a 56% chance of survival. At 25 weeks it is a 79% chance of survival. Even using your own number of a 90% chance of survival at 27 weeks, how can we justify legal killing of these children through 28 weeks?

    2.) “What if someone is raped and becomes pregnant? Should they be forced to carry the child?” I’m glad you asked this question, and it is what made me respond to this blog. I was raped at 17 and became pregnant. I had an abortion and am still mourning the loss of that child. Why? Because I can say with 100% certainty that I could not and would not have done it if the facts of fetal development had been shown to be before I had the abortion. My child was 10 weeks in the womb when I had the abortion. Do you know what a 10 week old fetus looks like? I challenge you to check it out online. It looks like a baby. Not a bunch of cells, a baby. A 10 week old fetus has a skeleton and all internal organs and her heart has been beating since the 18th day after conception and brain waves can be recorded from the 6th week. She has fingers and toes and she can suck her thumb, squint, swallow, and make fists.

    I think everyone on both sides of this debate can agree that a child with all of the above characteristics is very much alive and a human being. Furthermore, I would venture to guess that if I asked you to define when someone is dead, you would say when their heart stops beating. Following that logic, a fetus would then be a live child at just 18 days, less than 3 weeks after conception, when his or her heart starts beating. Surgical abortions are not even performed when the fetus is this young and most women don’t even take a test to determine that they are pregnant before this point.

    I really encourage everyone on both sides of this debate to research the topic of fetal development. You may think you know and even if you do, what will it hurt to just take a few minutes and google “fetal development”? I think you will be surprised by what you find. I know I was.

    Personally, as an immediate goal, I would like to see a law passed mandating abortion clincs to spend at least 1/2 an hour educating each pregnant woman on the fetal development of her child and other alternatives to abortion. Eventually I do believe that we will make the murder of these children illegal, in the meantime I want to see a push for education of pregnant women before they can have an abortion. I didn’t know how developed my child was and I truly feel that someone should have told me. I want to see women educated, whether they want to hear it or not, they need to know what is inside of them that they are “terminating”.

    • Anonymous said

      it will never be illegal, the government, dumb as they are aren’t dumb enough to try and pass a law prohibiting people doing something that has to do with their own body, or else they’d have to arrest and prosecute people trying to commit suicide as well for trying to murder themselves, not exactly the same i know but it’s a very fine line that would cause a riot if crossed, then you’d have people going outside the country etc to have it done or finding ways to have their own

  32. Bridgette said

    i agree 100% with Kelly

  33. Amandarose said

    I looked fetal development on google like you suggested Kelly and it is very fascinating.

  34. Joanne said

    Don’t be fooled. On average, those who promote and profit from abortion are much more violent than pro-lifers. There are 8,519 documented acts of such violence and illegal activities. Of course this does do not include the 3,500 daily assaults, dismemberments, and/or poisonings of pre-born human beings. (See prochoiceviolence.com) These crimes include:
    * 1,251 homicides and other killings
    * 157 attempted homicides
    * 28 arsons and firebombings
    * 904 assaults
    * 1,908 sex crimes (including 250 rapes)
    * 106 kidnappings
    * 420 cases of vandalism
    * 290 drug crimes
    * 1,616 medical crimes
    Due to media bias, these cases just do not make the national news. The vast majority of pro-lifers denounce all forms of violence. We are hardly terrorists for helping people.

  35. Bridgette said

    wow. joanne, it’s sad how so very true all of that is.

  36. blessed mother said

    First of all I would like to say that I was actually glad that I saw this pro-life cartoon above because I can get so angry at people who are pro-choice or pro-abortion but I don’t want to be violent toward anybody whether I agree with them or not and I don’t hate you if you are pro-choice/abortion. I just KNOW you are very wrong.

    Funny thing… The first comment by kokayi137 (Thank you! For once I learned something after visited a blog on Wordprss. I am in absolute agreement that it is an oxymoron to call yourself pro-life and be violent.) on September 6, 2007 at 4:31 pm actually made me smile because the very moment kokayi137 wrote this I was enjoying my brand new baby only a few hours old. On Sep 6, 2007 at 12:41am I had the privilage to give birth to a beautiful baby boy (the joy of my life).

    When my child was conceived YES I had the CHOICE to give him life or death. But not for a second no matter how bad things looked for myself did I think of ending his life. Once I knew I was pregnant, I also knew I had another PERSON to think of.

    I am 19. I had my son when I was 18. I wanted to continue going to college, get degrees, travel the world, get married, and so much more. I was so scared because I didn’t know how I was going to afford a child or if his father and I would stay together etc. But I trusted God and I am here to tell you he took care of everything and more. I am not perfect so I am not here to tell you how bad of a person you are if you believe in abortion or choice. I just urge you to change your mind because unborn babies are just as important as the women you want to have a choice but they need us all to make the right choice in order for them to be able to have a future. Every CHOICE should be LIFE.


    My heart is not out to fight with you or hate you just to love everyone because everyone needs love even the unborn children.

  37. Blessed Mother,

    You may THINK that pro-choice people are wrong but that’s just your opinion which is no more important than the opinions of everyone else. You know, I agree with you that it is a contradiction to call yourself “pro-life” and be violent. The problem is, ALL pro-life people are violent. Do you eat meat? Guess what? That meat is only on your table because of someone’s violence. Are you a vegetarian? Guess what? Even pulling a plant out of the ground requires violence. Every bit of food you eat means that some other creature will have to go without. So really, the issue is simply what KIND OF violence do pro-life people find justifiable because there’s no way for you to live without, at the very least, being complicit in the death of others.

    I had my daughter when I was 18 too. I adore her. She is the light of my life. I’m glad that I was able to choose whether I wanted to have her because I was able to make the choice that was right for my situation. If we give governments control over our reproductive systems, allowing them to decide what we can and can’t do with the content of our uteri, then what would stop them from deciding that we should be forced to have abortions in some cases? Or do you just want them to control your uterus as long as long as you think they’ll do what you want them to do?

    Here’s a thought, Blessed Mother: What if you got pregnant again now and, prior to viability, you developed a condition (e.g. uncontrollable hyperemesis gravidarum, systemic lupus, stage four breast cancer, ectopic pregnancy) trying to carry the baby any further would mean you would likely die and so would the baby? In that situation, what about the child you already have? After all, you have that person to think of, too. Would it be fair of you to choose to die, leaving that child motherless, just so that you can stay pregnant? What about your already born child’s future?

    If you really believe in God and you made the choice that you think he’d want you to make, then that’s great. Here’s the thing: A lot of women who trust in God do choose to have an abortion. Because they trust in God, they know that their Creator understands the situation they are in and that they are making the best decision they can think of. Because they know that God is love, even if other people disapprove or don’t understand, they know that God will love them no matter what.

    The Bible says, “the wages of sin is death”. That means if you have ever told a lie, if you have ever spoken wrathfully, if you have ever coveted the belongings of someone else, if you have ever lusted, if you have ever glutted yourself with food, then you are in the same category as those who murder their children (as people often claim abortion does). So, ya’ know, maybe instead of judging the actions of those who have abortions folks might benefit from reading the advice found in Matthew 7:3

    “Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye? How can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when all the time there is a plank in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye”

  38. Anonymous said

    No, killing a baby is not ok. sometimes women are faced with the decision of their life or their baby’s life, and that’s a very sad situation. whatever choice they make is hard. either death is tragic, but that’s a different situation rather than to kill your child just because you “never wanted it.” yes, God will understand if you decide your life over your child’s if it comes down to it, but taking the life of your child under any other situation is wrong.

  39. Liz said

    Bint Alshamsa, your first paragraph had to be the most retarded thing I’ve ever read. Seriously? Wow.

    You can control your uterus, but you don’t have the right to kill someone else in your body. Seriously? You’re just denying the Truth.

    And how do you know that child’s future? Are you a psychic all of a sudden? Do you know what’s going to happen? Gee, if you do, then I’ll call you next time I play the lotto. If someone does choose to let their baby live over them, it’s not okay to just assume that child is going to end up a mess. That’s illogical and stupid.

    And sorry, but God doesn’t understand why you decided to kill a child, another person. Abortion’s a fancy name for “legally able to kill”. What s true is that God does love you, but He’s mad at you for sinning and killing another person. You have NO RIGHT to kill another human being. NONE. It’s not your body, it’s theirs.

    Yes, the wages of sin is death…if you don’t pray for forgiveness. And you have to mean it when you pray for forgiveness. You can’t just BS your way around God. He knows. And just because we sin, and we do a lot, doesn’t mean that God doesn’t love us any less. He hates the sin, not the sinner. Sin is sin is sin. And it’s the exact same no matter what. But the thing is, when you feel God’s love and really understand it, you sin less and everything just becomes more clear, clarity really. And I don’t get how you’re throwing out the “wages of sin is death” thing. That doesn’t relate to anything at all besides clarify that abortion is a sin.

    God is not pro-choice. Sorry. And if one were to abort a baby due to medical reasons (mother dying in the process and child is likely dead) He understands. God’s not stupid.

    • Anonymous said

      I love when people use god’s name in an argument about death, especially when more people have been killed in his name then for any other reason in the history of man. If your going to quote god i really hope you also don’t condone war, or the death penalty or any other act as such, don’t half believe in something when it’s convenient. Murder is war, we use nicer terms like “defeating the enemy” but that’s what it is, murdering other people which if you believe in god is a sin

  40. Danny said

    My only question is this. If it’s your decision to kill the unborn, is it your decision to kill the born. Maybe you’re anti-murder, but that’s your decision, right? The problem is, abortion shouldn’t be the parents choice, because it’s not the parent that suffers for it. Only the child does.
    It all boils down to whether a fetus a human or not. And if it is, then what was “choice” is now genocide.

  41. terry said

    I am Pro-Life and it is NOT Ok to kill doctors or any other ridiculous assertion that people make here. There are a few crazy people who are pro-life just like there are a few crazy people that are pro-choice. Focusing on this issue may give you some strange sense of righteousness but it is a false argument. Don’t be distracted by this, I know that it may make you feel better but it creates no moral justification. Killing an unborn child is wrong and relying on some fallacy of twisted logic about pro-lifers (you imply all or most) approve of killing doctors is just lazy, rationlizing. Come on–you know better than that–just to take the argument off the table, I’ll repeat, it is not OK to kill someone who supports abortion–now, let’s focus on the real issue, it’s alos not OK to kill the pre-born.

  42. ben said

    picketing = violence?

    this is America, read the first amendment.

  43. Liz,

    Well, so much for the idea that being “pro-life” means respecting all life equally! “Retarded”? Way to show your values there! Ugh! Anyway, why you see as “the Truth” is simply your opinion. Unless you have facts to back up what you say, there’s no reason why anyone should go along with your ideas about what they should or shouldn’t do with their own body.

    And how do you know that child’s future? Are you a psychic all of a sudden? Do you know what’s going to happen?

    If the mother dies prior to the time when the fetus reaches viability, then the fetus dies too. You are a prime example of why educated people so often see religion as synonymous with ignorance.

    Gee, if you do, then I’ll call you next time I play the lotto.

    I don’t believe in playing the lotto. Perhaps your religious beliefs don’t preclude such things but mine do, so I’m probably not the best person to call if you have those kinds of practices. One doesn’t have to be psychic to know that playing the lotto is almost always a waste of money.

    And sorry, but God doesn’t understand why you decided to kill a child, another person.

    You’re not God, so you have no idea whether God would agree with you or me. Therefore, there’s no reason why anyone should adopt your viewpoint over their own. If you think that God can’t understand something, then that simply shows how limited you see the Creator as being. The God that I believe in is infinitely capable of understanding people and showing compassion for people and loving them regardless of what others think of them.

    Abortion’s a fancy name for “legally able to kill”.

    Wrong again. Inducing abortions is legal here but it isn’t everywhere, unfortunately.

    What s true is that God does love you, but He’s mad at you for sinning and killing another person.

    Did God tell you that? The God that I believe in certainly never said what you’re claiming. I think my God is a lot more worthy of worship than the one you’re promoting.

    You have NO RIGHT to kill another human being. NONE. It’s not your body, it’s theirs.

    Wrong. As a matter of fact, the laws in this country contradict and disprove your claim. It is my body. God gave it to me–not you, not the state.

    Yes, the wages of sin is death…if you don’t pray for forgiveness.

    Are you familiar with Revelations 22:18,19? It says, “I warn everyone who hears the words of the prophecy of this book: If anyone adds anything to them, God will add to him the plagues described in this book. And if anyone takes words away from this book of prophecy, God will take away from him his share in the tree of life and in the holy city, which are described in this book.”

    You do realize that this “if you don’t pray for forgiveness” claim is adding to what the Bible actually said, right? Maybe that doesn’t bother you but I know I sure wouldn’t want to bring down the plagues of God on my head by doing what you’re doing. Read the Bible. Romans 6:23 reads “For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.”. Notice the fact that there is no caveat, despite what you claim. Therefore, according to God, if you have ever done any of those things I mentioned, you are just as worthy of death as the person who has an abortion. In God’s eyes, you are no more righteous than they are.

    God is not pro-choice.

    Wrong. The entire message of the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, is about choice. God has given us all the ability to make choices. If God was not pro-choice, then why would he provide us with the ability to do it? If God wanted to force us to do things the way you want them done, then why didn’t he just give you the power to make all of the decisions for the rest of mankind? God is actually the ultimate example of how being pro-choice is infinitely more loving than trying to force everyone into a single mold.

    • dd said


      Me thinks thou dost protest too much…you are trying to hard to justify your stance.

      And for the record…there are many things God put on this earth for us to eat for nourishment (plants and meat) and other things to enjoy (flowers), but he did not create human beings for either of these purposes, and murder is about human beings, not plant life or animals.

      • rachel said

        You said ” the laws in this country contradict and disprove your claim. It is my body. God gave it to me–not you, not the state.”

        At one point the law also stated that owning African Americans as slaves was okay. That didn’t make it right.

        One day the people running our country will see the errors in making abortion legal and over turn it, as they did slavery. Then you poor women will have to use condoms and abstain from sex rather than killing innocent children *sigh*. You poor things……

  44. Danny, if you eat meat, you’re complicit in the killing of the born. If you smash a daisy, then you’re killing the born. If you brush your teeth, you’re killing the born bacteria in your mouth. If you get your tonsils removed, you’re killing human life. Genocide is not simply the killing something that is alive. If it is wrong to kill anything that’s alive, then what will you eat? Rocks? Seashells? Dandruff?

    This is simply a matter of when it’s okay to kill that which is alive. I have yet to see any of the “pro-life” people acknowledge the deaths that they gladly take part in and benefit from whenever they eat a meal.

  45. Terry,

    Killing an unborn child is wrong

    Prove it.

  46. heybye said

    well if killing an unborn child isn’t wrong,
    because we kill bacteria, flowers, and animals for food.
    then i have the right to kill you.
    screw morals.
    screw ethics.
    screw what is right and wrong.
    let us all embrace moral relativity.
    and thus whatever the hell each one of us want to do is okay.

  47. Dawg88 said

    Watch this video and see what “Pro-Choice” really wants women to be able to “choose”. If you see the reality of abortion, you will never be for abortion again. Its impossible. If you don’t watch it, then what are you afraid of? Please watch so that you never support sites like these or the “Pro-Choice” (Culture of Death) movement ever again.

    God Bless!


    • Anonymous said

      Watched it, still pro-choice, however, just like many videos it’s not hard to make something look far far more graphic and horrible to paint it in the light you want it to be seen in. Not to mention the global and economic impact of 1.2million more people in the usa every year, especially if a number of them are born into situations where they aren’t able to be properly cared for, or are put into foster care etc etc etc which is likely since a large number of people who have abortions do so because they simply cannot support and care for a child.

  48. Wim said

    Hello Catherine
    I like this site! Please, take also a look at my site.
    On this moment things are in Dutch on it, but soon it will be also in english. The name of the site is; Abortus is altijd met dodelijke afloop. In a poor translation it says something like; Abortion ends always deadly. God bless you!
    xxxx from Wim alias Creationadmirer.

  49. Average joe said

    don’t believe eveything you her. The information on this site is obviously false. If you have an abortion you are taking away a persons life, someone who would grow up and experience all there is in life. It is wrong for someone to have the power to decide who lives and dies, and if you abort a child, it is because of your selfishness and unwillingness to support them.

    Would you smother your newborn child as they were sleeping because you think it was too much of a responsibility?

  50. Boomer said

    Might I point out that only a small fraction of pro-life people are violent. Besides, if you had any idea how an abortion is performed you would not be talking about violence.
    People always talk about the woman’s rights! I’d like know how many babies are asked if they’d like to be aborted. What happened to the babies “choice”? If you ask me I’d say that a persons most fundamental right is the right to live.
    You may think that I sound angry and that anger leads to violence, of course no one has the right to be violent over this, but I’m sure I have the right to be angry about the killing of innocent life. Wouldn’t you feel angry if someone killed an innocent person just because they got in the way or where an inconvenience to them? And yes there is scientific PROOF that life begins at conception. Oh, so it really is a human, not just a blob of cells…duh!!
    You might also argue you that there are a number of woman’s deaths related to difficulty during pregnancy. Do you have any idea how many women are KILLED and severely injured by abortions? (not to mention the mental anguish they go through) How can you justify the killing of millions…yes, MILLIONS of babies, simply by saying that in several cases the baby may be a threat to the mothers health? Going by statistics I’d have to say that many more mothers pose a threat to their unborn baby, rather than the other way around. Far more babies die from abortion than women die from difficulties during pregnancy. A women has FAR greater chances of surviving pregnancy than a baby has of surviving an abortion.
    If you ever happen to go out of your comfort zone and learn the truth about abortion, you’d be astounded at the mass murder that is taking place in out country. If you ever venture to learn the truth, then you’d learn from former abortionist the horror of abortion. I challenge you to educate yourself, look at a pro-life website, see it from our point of view, read the statistics, the procedures, and the numerous stories from women who have had abortions, and doctors who have performed abortions. Until you venture out of your comfort zone to learn the truth, millions more babies will die, simply because we don’t want to admit the truth. If you want to continue living in your warm fuzzy little world you do that, but somehow I think you’ll really know your not doing the right thing.
    By the way, why don’t you go right away, and thank your mother for being pro-life and for suffering the “inconvenience” of carrying you in her womb for nine moths, and knowing that you really where a baby from the moment of conception, not just a blob of cells that she could despose if she felt like it! Let me ask you also, if life doesn’t begin at conception when does it begin? Does it begin when the baby is born? What if a baby is born a month prematurely, is it not a person until it’s due date? Whether the baby is in the womb or out does not change whether it’s a human or not, that’s like saying that your not a human when your inside a cardboard box, but then when you crawl out of the cardboard box you magically change into a living person. It’s not logical.
    All you vegetarians: so you think that we commit violence by eating meat? By comparing abortion with eating meat, you are putting animals and humans on the same level. Oh bingo! I’ve got a great idea! since animals are just as important as humans why don’t we go and elect a hippopotamus as president, that way we can make sure the animals receive all their proper rights.
    Rape is a difficult issue, for many people, but how, or by who the baby was conceived does not change the fact that it’s a human. It’s not the babies fault, why should it be punished? You may ask why should the woman be punished? She shouldn’t….it’s simply a case of deciding which is worse, being killed or having to carry a baby for nine months. I think the answer is obvious. If a person is really not able to care for a baby after it is born then they have the choice of adoption. That reminds me…..why doesn’t the government support funding to help single mothers in bad situations put their babies up for adoption? Why doesn’t the government offer positive alternatives instead of offering just death? Just because abortion is the easier thing to do doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to do.
    Ashly: When do you suppose that those cells become human life? Technically YOU are just cells, so, by your logic, if you are ever an inconvenience to anyone they can simply kill you. Did you just magically, all of a sudden become a human at 27 weeks? What was there at 27 weeks that wasn’t there at 26 weeks, and 6 days? The baby’s chances of survival has NOTHING to do with whether the baby is a human or not. Is a soldier in war less of a person simply because he has a smaller chance of survival? Saying, that it’s your uterus, therefore your choice is a pretty scary thing to say. Your mother had complete control over whether you lived or died at one point, think if you mother was not the good person that she is? What if she decided to have and abortion? According to you that would be just fine since it was her uterus. By being pro-choice you you are saying you are completely indifferent as to whether your alive or not. Either that, or your saying that abortion is wrong if it involves killing you, but it doesn’t matter if it kills anyone else. Life begins at conception. There is NO way around that fact.

    Here’s a quote for you:
    “I’ve noticed that everyone who is pro-choice is already born”
    Ronald Reagan

    If you are for abortion then you have something severely wrong with your logic. If you would face the truth you’d find that out. A world that kills it’s own children can not be heading down the right path.
    Please do not think that I hate or wish harm on anyone who is pro-choice. I just can’t understand how someone could knowingly murder a precious baby for their own convenience. I pray that they realize the truth.

    I’m sorry this is so long but I feel this issue is far too important to simply ignore some of the facts. If I’ve forgotten anything let me know.

  51. Mike said

    I don’t think anyone could condone violence against people having abortions or doctors who perform. 2 wrongs don’t make a right. But as a former pro-choicer (for lack of a better term) I found it was impossible to rationalize away the fact that even if we can’t agree on when life begins, shouldn’t we err on the side of caution? Science can’t show that life begins at the moment of birth. Children as young as 24 weeks from conception can life if delivered and as medicine improves, that number will be even smaller. There is no true deffinition. I can’t justify a “right” to end life for a child any more than I can for a doctor.

  52. Cristina said

    I really wish more people were educated about what abortion is. Some people really do not believe that they are ending the life of a baby. I went to Catholic school and we were taught just about everything about the abortion procedure. We first watched videos that showed ultrasounds of the fetuses to prove that there is a healthy, vibrant baby inside the womb with a heart beat.I remember seeing a 12 week old bouncing and flipping around. By 8 weeks, the neuro-anatomic structures are present, which means the baby can feel pain. Not only can you end a life, but you can do it with torture! We were also shown a video of women speaking about their traumatizing experience with abortion. One woman found out after having an abortion that she had twins. She felt guilty for ending not just one life but two. One woman could not get pregnant again after her abortion. We then had a choice to watch the actual procedure. Being curious, I chose to watch it. It was the most horrific thing i have ever seen. Just watching the baby being pulled apart piece by piece made me almost lose it. I couldn’t watch the rest because it made me sad. To think that this was legal in the United States. There are other horrible ways to have an abortion. The vaccum is used the most. After the abortionist is done , the nurses have to piece the baby back together to make sure there isn’t any baby remains left. The partial-birth abortion has to be the worst. I am glad it is no longer legal. They induce labor and deliver the baby feet first. Then they stick a vacuum in the baby’s head and suck out the brain. Sounds like a horror movie to me!

  53. Cristina said

    P.S. Boomer, well written!

  54. MK said

    Im 14 and pro-life.I’m doing a research paper about abortion and such soI like to get a well rounded perspective.
    But here’s the thing I believe EVRYONE has the right to life. I believe murder and suicide are all wrong. Might I add I am adopted so the whole pro-life things is very important.
    And if I am correct one area woman justify themselves in murder aka abortion is “its my body there fore my choice”. heres the thing…ITS NOT THERE BODY. Ists the BABY’s body there choosing to burn in saline or vacuum out brains or rip them to shreds. For petesake what is so hard for woman to grasp?
    I agree though, pro-life shouldnt kill but i think the cartoon is an extreme. I have never met anyone like that( though im sure they exist).
    And about the soldiers. Yes, they are very impotant. And Yes they die reguarly. And yes pro-lifers voted for Bush. BUT you know what the difference with soldiers dying and babys being aborted???? Simple the soldiers have VOLENTARILY given there life for their country and good of mankind while babies are MURDERED with out a CHOICE and for what? So the parents dont have to get off there butts and work.. Oh yes! Heaven forbid Americans have to work to help others!!!!
    ps. sory for the rant. just gota spread the message

  55. MK said

    Oh and sorry for the crappy spelling.lol

  56. AD said

    THANKK YOUU!!! I’m 13 and I am also doing resrearch on abortion and I AGREE with EVERY SINGLE THING you have said!

    by the way people who think pro-life people are ‘violent’
    well we’re not the ones MURDERING babies!
    and cuting open babies necks and ripping the brain out
    or putting posion in the womb so the baby dies…
    yeah…WE’re violent…NOTTT!!
    ABORTION is violent!
    and im sorry for all the 4000 babies everyday that don’t get to enjoy it
    because they are aborted…


  57. Zachary said

    It is a baby!!
    I am 12 years old and my mother told me she had three abortions when she was younger. She regrets it deeply and she is so hurt by it. That is why she and I are pro life.
    Fight FOCA

  58. Courage said

    I find it sad that so many people continue to link anti-abortion extremists with peaceful pro-lifers. The majority (actually all!) of the pro-life people I have met have been nothing but kind and gentle people who are simply standing up for the unborn. They have every right to stand up and defend what they believe in. What do these people recieve? They are spit at, cursed at, threatened, pushed, shoved, have things thrown at them, and have their personal property damaged….and they keep coming back day after day. These people are BRAVE! Why doesn’t the secular news media ever report on how many assaults pro-lifers recieve at the hands of pro-choice extremists…and thats not mentioning the 50 million aborted babies since 1972. Yes they are babies. Look at some pictures of developed “fetus'” I don’t care what religion you are, this is a human rights issue!

  59. Adrienne said

    I am PRO-LIFE, 110%! How can you know how these procedures are done and still think it is ok to have an abortion? That is no better than what the Nazi’s did in concentration camps. That is not your life to take, and if you don’t think it’s a real baby, you need to look this up: The Silent Scream. It is a video through sonogram of a baby being aborted. I don’t know what sick son of a bi*ch could do that and think it’s ok to torture an inncoent baby. I truly believe that if you see no problem with it, you should be institutionalized, or put in prison!

  60. David Kyle said

    Ok… so I’m only posting once cause I really don’t have time to argue with thick headed people right now, but consider this

    24 murders by a few insane “pro-lifers” vs. 50,000,000 million murders by Pro-Choicers..

    The Pro-Choicers have an unprecedented amount of blood on their hands….

  61. my blog said

    check this out…

    this is mine…

  62. Kris said

    Isn’t it sad that the actual peaceful pro-life individuals don’t get half the attention or press time that these other people get?

  63. daniro45 said

    While I don’t condone physical violence and murder against any pro-death people … Let’s see: pro-lifer’s attempts on abortionists’ lives = several hundred perhaps?

    Abortionists’ violence against infants in the womb: 100%! 1.5+ million a year! Hmmmmm!

    Again, who are the terrorists and purveyors of violence?

  64. Elderly Pro-life supporter assaulted
    In another act of violence toward a pro-life demonstrator, an elderly man named Johnny Wallace was slightly injured by two women who attacked him for his pro-life stance. He was sitting down displaying two signs, both non-graphic. They read the following:

    1) Abortion kills more black Americans in four days than the Klan killed in 150 years
    2) Life begins at conception and ends at Planned Parenthood.

    I guess to prove that abortion is not violent, these women committed acts of violence against a 69 year-old. This comes on the heals of the murder of a pro-life activist Jim Pouillon, who was peacefully protesting. He was killed in a driveby shooting in Michigan.

    Murder and violence are unacceptable. Pro-life people are often falsely portrayed as violent and murderous, but we can clearly see this kind of behavior also comes from the pro-“choice” side. It’s not possible that the media makes it look like only pro-life people are violent though is it.

    Let’s pray for an end to all violence against people, including against the youngest and most vulnerable of our society – pre-born children.

  65. Gary said

    Hello I am pro-life.

    And a male.
    If you have already said to yourself that I’m not worthy of recognition because of these facts, that’s alright move along.
    I wanted to talk about abortion from a health perspective. I see it as common sense to not allow abortion here in America. I kills Little boys and girls and it kills misinformed women and young girls. It just deals death. Now i believe in a practical approach, get rid of all funding that goes to abortion clinics and improve our education on the matter with that money and help these women who desperately need help. It’s also funny how the media glorifies the woman’s choice and shoves the baby aside because 9/10 women who get abortions are not aware of the risks that come with it. The probability of breast cancer rises to an absolutly stunning rate(about 150%), if you want exact statistics look them up they’re all over the place. And it’s funny how everyone hears about the problems that women can get from miscarriages but never abortion. I believe the blatent and terrifying misinformation in this country has already contributed to well over 40 million babies and over 500,000 deaths of women (suicide, complications, dying during their second birth). A harvenger of death; This idea lives on the backs of the misinformed, the people who think absolute freedom will save them. There is no such thing as absolute freedom, it’s a contradiction in terms! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE and again LOVE these women! Embrace them, comfort them, for Gods sake EDUCATE THEM. For they may make decision that will consume them. I speak for the woman, who as her last resort turned to the abortion clinic. I speak for the little girl, who lives in comfort in the womb and dances to the song of her mother as she hums and rocks. I speak for the little mouths that cannot cry. I speak for the african in the 19th century who were torn between slavery and freedom. I speak for the women who turn to suicide because they feel empty inside. I speak for the little voices who cry for their mother when they are trapped in a den of hell that is the basement of a sexual predator. What do you speak for? Why is deception or theivery wrong? Becease it is the violation of something sacred!: TRUST. Why is rape wrong? BECAUSE IT IS THE VIOLATION OF SOMETHING SACRED, THE Temple of the Living God: the human body. why is slavery wrong? because it is the violation of something sacred!: FREEDOM. Why is racism wrong? because it is the violation of something sacred!: RACE. Why is sodomy wrong? because it is a violation of something sacred!: SEX. Why is murder wrong? Because they are a violation of something sacred, that which is most sacred… LIFE!
    This page is riddled with woman’s choice propaganda, and i find it ironic that women are getting together and pushing for a law that will allow any woman to kill the little woman that is inside of her. And i also notice that most of this page is just talking about the hypocrisy of other people which is getting you no-where. Everyone knows that in order to fight an idea you must FIGHT THE IDEA not the people defending it. Read up on the civil rights movement, King had it right. I’m just waiting for the MLK of pro-life to show his/her face.

  66. jkorea1 said

    But I feel that the greatest destroyer of peace today is abortion, because it is a war against the child, a direct killing of the innocent child, murder by the mother herself. And if we accept that a mother can kill even her own child, how can we tell other people not to kill one another? How do we persuade a woman not to have an abortion? As always, we must persuade her with love and we remind ourselves that love means willing to give until it hurts. Jesus gave even His life to love us. So, the mother who is thinking of abortion, should be helped to love, that is, to give until it hurts her plans, or her free time, to respect the life of her child. The father of that child, whoever he is, must also give until it hurts.

    By abortion, the mother does not learn to love, but kills even her own child to solve her problems. And, by abortion, the father is told that he does not have to take any responsibility at all for the child he has brought into the world. That father is likely to put other women into the same trouble. So abortion just leads to more abortion. Any country that accepts abortion is not teaching its people to love, but to use any violence to get what they want. This is why the greatest destroyer of love and peace is abortion.

    Mother Teresa
    The National Prayer Breakfast — Washington, D.C. — February, 1994


  67. jkorea1 said

    If we remember that God loves us, and that we can love others as He loves us, then America can become a sign of peace for the world. From here, a sign of care for the weakest of the weak —the unborn child— must go out to the world. If you become a burning light of justice and peace in the world, then really you will be truest to what the founders of this country stood for. God bless you!

    Whatever You Did Unto One
    of the Least, You Did Unto Me
    Mother Teresa of Calcutta
    The National Prayer Breakfast — Washington, D.C. — February, 1994

  68. Alanna said

    You think we are violent?
    You kill tiny, defenseless babies. You tell yourself that it’s just a big ball of cells so that you can sleep at night. This “Cell” has a heartbeat, fingernails, and hair on his head. Maybe our desperation has caused us to yell, or shove, maybe even hit someone. But who is the one with blood on their hands?


  69. Sam said

    Everyone Against Abortion Please Raise Your Hand

  70. abosy said

    Here we go again.

    Abortion is murder. Women who have abortions should be sentenced to 70 years in prison, for murder. Women who have multiple abortions should be sentenced to life in prison, and be eligible for the death penalty.

    According to Wikipedia, death is the termination of the biological functions that sustain a living organism. The body parts of the fetus laying on a tray don’t still have the biological functions that sustain a living organism. And intentionally causing it is murder.

    I don’t care if it’s alive yet; it goes by the same principle as “a penny saved, a penny earned.” A life prevented, a life stopped.

    Don’t try to argue with me. You know you’re going to lose.

  71. […] *Cartoon Courtesy of Women 4 Hope […]

  72. I learned something after visited a blog on Wordprss. I am in absolute agreement that it is an oxymoron to call yourself pro-life and be violent.

  73. […] *Cartoon Courtesy of Women 4 Hope […]

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