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All Women’s Rights Are Not Created Equal

Posted by Catherine Morgan on September 20, 2007

The Right To Reproductive Health: Why don’t all women have it? – by Catherine Morgan

See this video of a local woman that support the Planned Parenthood Clinic…

Depending on where you live in this country, you may or may not have the right to the services provided by Planned Parenthood, and every women deserves the right to quality reproductive health care. Women’s rights should not be denied anywhere in this country. That is why it is so important that a Chicago court allow the Aurora Planned Parenthood to open and serve it’s surrounding communities.

I touched on this issue in a previous post, and now Planned Parenthood is at a Federal Court in Chicago, in an attempt to open their Aurora location. You can read LIVE BLOGGING of this hearing at Planned Parenthood Aurora.

Every day that this situation continues is another day that women across the western suburbs are denied access to vital health services. Planned Parenthood will continue to use every resource at our disposal to fight for the rights of women of Aurora and the surrounding communities.

You can also see several YouTube videos of a gathering in support of Planned Parenthood yesterday…here.


12:24PM: Court is adjourned. The judge has denied the motion on the ground that we haven’t provided enough evidence. We can reapply later when we have more evidence. But for now, the clinic has to remain closed.

What can you do to help?

All women need to care about this important issue…see how you can help by just signing a petition at this website.



2 Responses to “All Women’s Rights Are Not Created Equal”

  1. Most informative Thanks for great informations

  2. Linda said

    Planned Parenthood is calling for a rally this coming Tuesday, 9/25, at the Aurora City Council. Please visit ppaurora.blogspot.com
    for all the particulars. Everyone who can should support them in this — I can remember when the antis tried to shut down clinics and we stood out and opposed them and stood our ground.

    Those who support a woman’s right to abortion need to raise an enormous hue and cry over this.
    The idea that we will prevail by simply sitting quietly and letting this be worked out in the courts, hoping not to “make waves” or “offend anyone” is a dangerous illusion that will only lead to us losing more and more ground. Let’s not be naïve about the anti-abortion movement: they are not going to stop at banning abortion, which would be terrible enough. They have a nightmare agenda for women and society: a return to openly patriarchal values, and a return to the traditional order of things where a woman’s role is to be under the thumb of her husband and the producer of his children, where women are openly the property of men to be controlled by their husbands.

    Would abortion have ever been legalized without the women’s movement in the first place, without women and men marching and fighting in the streets to demand that women get this basic right? Women’s right to abortion is under attack from the highest levels of the land – where President Bush is an open supporter of the anti-abortion movement – and in the courts: just this year, the Supreme Court banned a needed late-term abortion procedure, and laws in several states allow pharmacists to refuse women their birth control. This battle over women’s lives and futures needs to get taken up broadly throughout society, in all kinds of venues and arenas. We have to go on the political, ideological and practical offensive against the whole package of biblical-literalist and traditional values And, as part of this, we need to be out in the streets – if the only ones out in the streets were the anti-abortion activists, it would be intolerable.

    We can’t be held back from protest by the fear of “offending” someone: first of all, it is the anti-abortion forces, sweeping in and denying women their basic rights, who are the ones being offensive! We cannot cede the moral battle to anti-abortion lunatics. They do not have the moral high ground. Women are not incubators, fetuses are not babies, and abortion is not murder. There is nothing immoral about ending a pregnancy – but the program of denying women the right to abortion (and the basic health care of birth control, STD testing and treatment) is in service of an ugly morality indeed: one that cuts women off from acting in the larger society, contributing all they can to that, and living full lives as productive human beings in every sphere and independent from men. This is the traditional biblical morality that says wives must “submit yourself unto your own husbands as unto the Lord. For the husband is the head of the wife even as Christ is the head of the Church” (Ephesians 5:22-23. These people want to return society to a place where THAT standard sets the law of the land. That would be a horror for women and a terrible thing for society as a whole.

    A clinic offering fully legal and much-needed services should not have to encounter controversy or opposition – but the controversy is here. And we need to step up and defend this most basic right of women. We need to stand up and defend this clinic, we need to be out in the streets demanding it be allowed to open now, and we need to win this struggle – the stakes are very, very high.

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