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Is God Pro-Choice? Planned Parenthood Controversy

Posted by Catherine Morgan on September 23, 2007

Is God Pro-Choice — by Catherine Morgan (cross posted at BlogHer)

Yesterday I wrote a post on my personal blog titled “All Women’s Rights Are Not Created Equal“, in response to the controversy over the opening of a Planned Parenthood in Aurora.

With the “anti-choice” movement claiming to have God and the Bible on their side…What do you think? Why do “pro-lifers” believe that God wouldn’t allow for “choice”? I’m a Christian and I believe in choice…does that mean I’m going to hell? I don’t know what you think, but I’m pretty sure I’m not going to hell. Anyway, is hell even big enough for all the people that believe in choice?

Well, here is a sampling of what the blogosphere is saying.

From Planned Parenthood Aurora . . .

Unfortunately today’s ruling means that, yet again, we will have to reschedule appointments for our patients. Our main concern is that every day our health center is not open, more women go without pap tests, birth control supplies and breast exams. These are critical services that this community has been lacking and that we will provide.

The Chicago Tribune Web Edition reported . . .

The irony here is that Planned Parenthood, with its broad menu of low-cost services that also includes contraceptive counseling, pregnancy testing, adoption referrals and disease screening, almost certainly does more to lower the overall number of abortions (by providing the birth control that blocks unwanted pregnancies) and to save lives than all of the protests, prayer vigils and campaigns of harassment by its enemies put together.

From Real Women, Real Voices . . .

Apparently even when offering legal, constitutionally protected services, cities like Aurora will become gun-shy when anti-choice protesters become involved. Planned Parenthood of Chicago is going to federal court to try to force the city of Aurora to allow their new clinic to open as planned on September 18.

The Curvature – Aurora On My Mind . . .

Hey, generic men’s rights activist asshat, Planned Parenthood didn’t lie to anyone. They said that they were opening a medical center. They built a medical center. Just because you don’t like the kind of medical center it is doesn’t make it any less of a medical center. If the city doesn’t require their permit applicants to specify a particular practice (gynecology, podiatry, urology . . .), or if the city doesn’t properly examine permits before approving them, that’s the city of Aurora’s problem, not Planned Parenthood’s.

And secondly, are you serious? You’re honestly going to make an argument that Planned Parenthood shouldn’t be allowed because it “brings danger to the community,” when it’s assholes just like you who make working at Planned Parenthood such a dangerous experience. How exactly does Planned Parenthood cause danger on its own? Do you think that the nurses are going to go on a shooting spree in the neighborhood? Or that a zombie aborted embryo is going to come eat your brain? [Wait, don’t answer that.] No, actually, the problem would be one of your buddies shooting the place up. If you don’t want Planned Parenthood to be a dangerous place, stop making it so damn dangerous.

Gabriela Salvidea wrote a post titled “Planned Parenthood Seeks To Educate, and Train Community Members

“A lot of people think of PP as a place you go to get a pregnancy test, or your birth control, and we do offer those services—you know, cancer screenings, all that good stuff,” said Cora Davidson, who coordinated the camp and is Field Organizer for the local Planned Parenthood. “But we also do things like advocacy, and going out and getting support for an issue. Teaching people about an issue and really trying to protect rights so we can provide our services.”

At Average Thoughts From Average Me, God Is Pro-Choice . . .

Planned Parenthood – the organization that strikes fear and anger in the hearts of Christians everywhere. Yet Planned Parenthood is not, and has never been, synonymous with abortion. The organization provides services including STD testing, sexual health resources and education, pregnancy testing, pap smears, birth control and yes, abortions.

I know the facts – I know that Planned Parenthood facilities perform approximately 17% of the total US abortions performed each year. And I also know there are approximately 1.2 million abortions in this country each year.

A point of contention for me is that I do not believe that all abortions are evil and wrong. I have to leave room for extreme health circumstances. But I firmly believe that abortion is not a form of birth control. And it shouldn’t be treated that way.

So, all of that said. I’m just simply infuriated by “Christians” who protest these clinics. To them I wish I could convey how some of the rest of the world feel when we see these ridiculous protests that benefit no one. They don’t save lives. Protests haven’t resulted in any marked difference in the number of abortions performed in our country. And protests haven’t resulted in a difference in the number Planned Parenthood performs.

There is no measurable result of your holier-than-thou protests. There is no measurable result coming from your marching, your chanting and your arrogant and ignorant dissent.

These people really do practice what is a huge turnoff to me: ala carte Christianity. They pick and choose which portions of The Bible they use to condemn and judge others. In one breath, they chose to become Christians – to follow God, to surrender their lives. But the very next breath condemns choices that others make – using that same free will.

You see, I believe, very firmly God is pro-choice. — much more, read full post

From RH Reality Check . . .

It is yet to be seen if the call issued today by eastern Illinois religious leaders to spend Sunday as a day of prayer in support of Planned Parenthood will lessen or intensify the debate surrounding the facility.

“To deny women access to, and choice about, abortion, to contraceptives, to sexual education, is essentially to deny them their moral standing,” said the Rev. Larry Greenfield, executive minister of the American Baptist Churches of Metro Chicago. “To deny somebody choice is contrary to what I believe to be the teachings of Jesus.”

If you would like to help the Aurora Planned Parenthood, here is some information from their website…

If you’re local to the Aurora or Chicago area:
Join other Planned Parenthood supporters for a Pro-choice Rally this Tuesday, September 25th, 5:00pm Aurora City Hall! We will provide t-shirts and signs until we run out to anyone who shows up to stand in support of the Aurora Planned Parenthood health center.

If you can’t make it to the rally you can still take action:

If you’re further away but would still like to be involved, please consider making a donation to support Planned Parenthood.

For more information, check out the links below:

Also see . . .

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YouTube Videos of Supporters in Aurora

So what do you think? Is God Pro-Choice??? Are You??? What do you think about the controversy in Aurora???

Contributing Editor Catherine Morgan
also at Women 4 Hope and CatherineBlogs.com


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