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Birthdays and Aging: Do they make you happy or sad?

Posted by Catherine Morgan on September 25, 2007

Birthdays and Aging — by Catherine Morgan (cross-posted at BlogHer)

Every twelve months or so we all go through it, that time of year that some of us may loath and others may love…Yes, I’m talking about the “B” word. How do you feel on that one day a year? Are you happy? Depressed? Angry? Ambivalent? All of the above? Is every year different? Are some numbers easier to reach than others?

If it’s possible to be bi-polar when it comes to your birthday, then that’s my diagnosis. Sometimes I’m happy, sometimes I’m sad, sometimes I feel like I’m getting more mature, and sometimes I just feel like I’m getting more old. I imagine I’m not the only birthday girl that feels this way at times, so I thought we could take some time to examine the emotional side of birthdays and getting older.

At BlogHer we have a very diverse group of women and ages, I think the “twenty somethings” even have their own thread in the forums.

It seems like only yesterday I was watching a show called “thirty something” on television, and thinking that thirty was seriously over the hill. I couldn’t even imagine ever being thirty, let alone” in” my thirties. OMG, now I long for the over the hill days of thirty something. Somehow my thirty somethings have gotten behind me, and I’ve been catapulted into my “forty somethings“. And we all know what happens next, the “fifty somethings”, the “sixty somethings”, and I don’t know about you…but ten years seems to go by in a blink of an eye. Back in the “olden days” when I was in second grade, it seemed to take forever to get through just one year, I thought I would never get to twelfth grade back then. Now I’m out of the “grades” and into the “somethings”, who’d of thought?

What other bloggers think about aging…

Facing Up to the inevitability of getting old . . .

One of the amazing things about growing old is that one so often doesn’t feel old. When I was young, old was so far away that it seemed like something I would never be. And now that I am getting old, the surprise is how different old feels from the way it looked when I was young.

Country Tales — Getting Older . . .

I’m sorry to say that the pleasures of old age have been vastly over-rated;
It’s just some hype defenders of the geriatric generation have purposely created.

Fellow BlogHer contributing editor Zandria just did a post on turning 30 . . .

Many females — especially if they’re single and don’t want to be, or they’re in a relationship where they don’t know where things are going, or if they haven’t accomplished something in particular they wanted to do — look at the prospect of turning 30 and think they should have done something…bigger…than what they have. It’s a big turning point; when you enter your 20s from your teens, it’s usually not considered a big deal. But going from your 20s to your 30s — now, that’s a different story.

Staying healthy and aging…

Healthy Aging For Women

The next time you hear someone blame their poor health on “getting older”, let’s gently educate them on the finer aspects of aging. They just don’t know better.

Health For Women over 40

Once characterized by angst and risky behavior, midlife now is believed by some experts to be the happiest time of adult life. “From age 30 to 50, life only gets better and better,” said Ron Kessler, professor of health care policy at Harvard Medical School. “These are the best years of their lives.”

Grow Older Better

Chatting with your friends is a good way to reduce stress. It’s fun, you often smile, and having and talking to friends is good for whatever most ails you…including stress.

Self Esteem Blog For Women

Who ever told you that life was going to be easy?

To even think for one second that life will not sneak up on you and bite you where the sun does not shine is setting yourself up for a surprise attack that you will be very unarmed to deal with.

Fat and 40

A journal about life after 40, including my weight loss struggle; career issues; and whatever else I feel like writing about.

All and all, it’s not so bad getting older. I can think of a lot worse things.

How do you feel about getting older? Is it an emotional roller coaster? What’s your best advise about aging?

Contributing Editor Catherine Morgan
also at Women 4 Hope and CatherineBlogs.com

6 Responses to “Birthdays and Aging: Do they make you happy or sad?”

  1. Rachel M said

    Happy belated birthday, Catherine!!!
    Birthday is a benchmark for me. Every year, I hope that my life is better and I’m happier in my future birthday. For that reason, I look forward to getting older.

  2. Thanks Rachel. That’s a great way to look at it.

  3. Rhea said

    I’m mostly happy on my birthday. Of course, I’m 49. Talk to me next year…

  4. jolynna said

    I just did a post about a woman who has forever changed my thinking about age. Freeda is 89 years old, will be 90 in December and babysits 5 days a week for a 2 yr. old, a 4 yr. old and a 6 yr. old. She also gardens, cans, cooks, gardens, does all her own housework and quilts.

    Freeda is Amish. I think that she is so mentally and physically active at her age says a lot for living a natural lifestyle.

  5. Thanks Jolynna – I’ll check out the post soon.

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