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Toxic Toys: A New CDC Report Gives Reason To Be Concerned.

Posted by Catherine Morgan on November 3, 2007

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Toxic Toys:  A New CDC Report Gives Reason To Be Concerned. — by Catherine Morgan (cross-posted at BlogHer)

When we bring home toys to our children, the last thing we think is that we could be putting our child at risk for lead poisoning. However, we now know that many toys made in China (and most everything is made in China these days), are doing precisely that.

So…What do we do? What signs do we look for?

How can we protect our children from their own toys?

Well, there isn’t a simple answer, but I’ll try to address as many aspects of this problem as I can with this post.

Our children are being exposed to even greater levels of lead than we could have ever imagined, and now the CDC is reporting that even small levels of lead can be harmful.

Lead poisoning can cause irreversible learning disabilities and behavioral problems and, at very high levels, seizures, coma and even death. — read full article

Lead exposure, at levels that are much lower than previously thought, now appear to be causing low IQ’s, and other intellectual and learning disabilities in children. There is no safe level of lead in a child’s blood, even the smallest amount can be detrimental. And unfortunately, there is no way to lower these levels once they are discovered. For this reason, prevention is the most important aspect of reducing the risk of lead poisoning.

Lead is more dangerous to children than adults because it can harm the developing brain, causing reduced IQ, learning disabilities and behavioral problems, among other things. Signs of lead poisoning may include irritability, low appetite and lethargy. — read full post at MOMformation

Since lowering your child’s exposure to lead is the best way to prevent lead poisoning, knowing what toys have been recalled is very important. Here is a link to the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

But, if knowing what toys contain lead is so important…Why is it that our own Consumer Product Safety Commission doesn’t seem to be all that concerned?

“You’ve got to be kidding me!” was the first thing we thought after hearing on Tuesday that Nancy Nord, the head of the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), doesn’t support legislation to greatly increase resources for her agency to stop toxic products from reaching children. Right now there is only one inspector charged with testing toys. — read full post from The Huffington Post

Here are some more links to other women blogging about the problem of lead in our children’s toys…

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My kids are both in their teens now, so this toxic toy scare isn’t affecting me in the same way that I am sure it is affecting so many moms of young children. How is this affecting you? Are you worried? Have you felt the need to have your child tested? Do you trust our government to keep these toxic toys off the shelves? Where will you be buying your toys this Christmas?

Contributing Editor Catherine Morgan
also at CatherineBlogs.com and The Political Voices of Women


2 Responses to “Toxic Toys: A New CDC Report Gives Reason To Be Concerned.”

  1. Nothing as tasty as a good lead baby rattle. Builds character too!

  2. So that’s your secret to building character. 🙂

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