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Healthcare Crisis: SCHIP, HMOs, and Universal Healthcare, what can we do?

Posted by Catherine Morgan on November 10, 2007


Healthcare Crisis: HMOs, Universal Healthcare, SCHIP, and the 2008 Presidential Election — by Catherine Morgan (cross-posted at BlogHer)

I don’t think I go one day without reading or hearing about someone facing medical issues, and not having adequate health insurance. Cancer patients who can’t afford their treatment, coverage denied for people with insurance, uninsured kids, and people who are working hard to support their families, and still don’t have health insurance.

Just the other day on my Women 4 Hope blog…I had a young man comment about being told he had sleep apnea, and that he needed a special devise to help him breath at night or he could die. Oddly, his insurance company won’t cover the cost of this piece of equipment. How can that be? This young man has resourcefully started a blog in hopes to find a used machine, or raise enough money to purchase a new one.

So, how is it…That we are the richest country in the world, but we can’t afford to make sure our own citizens have quality affordable health insurance? This is actually a question I intend to pose to the presidential candidates at the10 Questions project, later this weekend (I’ll post the video here in comments, once I have it ready).

It’s beginning to appear that…Only the wealthy, and most poverty stricken people in this country are guaranteed health care. If you are not at one extreme or the other, your life could very well be on the line. That just doesn’t seem right? Yet, it is the reality for many people.

I didn’t see the movie SICKO, but I have heard Michael Moore speak of his belief that the insurance companies (especially HMOs), are the main problem in this healthcare crisis we are facing. And I agree. Of course insurance companies need to be profitable, but over the last 20 years or so, they have really began a systematic pillaging of the American people. HMOs are said to be “managed healthcare”, but unfortunately the only thing they are doing a good job at managing, is their shareholders money.

These insurance companies have no vested interest in the actual health of the customers they “serve” (I use that word lightly), and actually make their own rules, while having no accountability at all. At the very least, HMOs should change their name to reflect what they really are…PMHDs (Profit Making Health Dictators).



3 Responses to “Healthcare Crisis: SCHIP, HMOs, and Universal Healthcare, what can we do?”

  1. Hamid Azimi said

    I’m a new reader of your blog, from Iran ! i added your blog in my favorites ! your post was useful for me ! thanks

  2. Nicely written article about the healthcare crisis. If you want to write for our website, let us know! btw, it is getting even more complicated. As there are alot of other healthcare organizations coming into play.. i.e. disease management companies.

  3. forHealth said

    Ironic that most health insurance companies are non-profit and all they care about are their shareholders.

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