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Healthy Living: The Great American Health Challenge

Posted by Catherine Morgan on January 12, 2008


Healthy Living and The Great American Health Challenge — by Catherine Morgan

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We’ve been talking a lot about making healthy lifestyle changes since the New Year. If you are one of the millions that wants to become healthier in 2008, you may be interested in this program…

The American Cancer Society is introducing an exciting new program on Thursday, it’s called The Great American Health Challenge. The campaign is designed as a comprehensive prevention and early detection program. It’s a simple program with four interactive tools to provide information and encourage healthy lifestyles.

The Great American Health Challenge is based on four simple things…

1) Check — Take a quick quiz that screens you for potential risk factors, and promotes early detection and treatment.

2) Move — Encouraging exercise by finding activities that are best suited for your lifestyle.

3) Nourish — Maintain a healthy weight, learn about healthy eating and get tips on diet and nutrition.

4) Quit — Information and tools to help you quit smoking.

So that’s it, four easy steps that could help you prevent cancer and heart disease.

You can also participate in BlogHer’s Good Health-A-Thon.

BlogHer’s Good Health-a-thon is all about what we can do, little by little, day by day, week by week and month by month to live healthier. It’s not a matter of saying “I’m going to go to the gym more this year” and then reviewing your progress in January of 2009, only to discover you haven’t actually used your gym card since mid-February.

Instead, the point of the Good Health-a-thon is to have each of us set simple, attainable, health-related goals for ourselves throughout the year. Our goals can be anything we want, but with the idea of broadening our definition of “health” well beyond calorie counting.

See: Week One

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15 Responses to “Healthy Living: The Great American Health Challenge”

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  2. Great article Catherine.

    You manage to sum up the basics of healthy living quite well and put it in a form that is easily digestible for the audience (pun intended!)

    One major factor that can help in addition to these four steps is developing a routine. This means everything from a regular sleeping pattern to exercising at the same time every day or every week.

    All the best, and thank you for a well written informative piece.


  3. Ross said

    Thanks for the great blog. Lots of useful info. That article “Fitness Changed My Life” needs to be read by every person suffering a health or weight problem.

  4. Tatiana said

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  5. king said

    It a great article but this article only for american women or can also used in other country…

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