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Women Political Bloggers Are Changing The Face Of Politics

Posted by Catherine Morgan on March 27, 2008


Political Voices of over 375 Women Bloggers — by Catherine Morgan

When I first published this list back in October, we had links to 100 women blogging about politics. Today, the count is at 375, and still growing. Are you a woman blogging about politics? Are you on the list? If not, please leave me your link in comments, so I can add your blog. And, if you would like to be a guest blogger on The Political Voices of Women with a guest post, please join our community.

I hope you’ll take some time and check out the women on the list…and if you blog about politics, consider adding some of these women to your blogroll, or linking to them in a post.

Now, in alphabetical order – links to 375 women blogging about politics…

Click Here to go to the list at The Political Voices of Women.


2 Responses to “Women Political Bloggers Are Changing The Face Of Politics”

  1. Lee said

    For months now, smug condescending, self righteous Obamabots have been calling for Senator Clinton to drop out. They have resorted to personal attacks, character assassination, and ugly insults, rather than addressing the issues … and, disregarding, and disrespecting the 17 million Clinton supporters, as if we don’t even exist, or don’t even count. If Obama wins the democratic nomination, I urge fellow Clinton supporters to respond by voting for John McCain in November, as well as voting the super delegates, who jumped Hillary’s ship, out of office.

  2. […] image to the left comes courtesy of Catherine Morgan, who published a great list of 375 political women bloggers back in March. For more on that, check […]

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