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Nutrtion Tips – You Are What You Eat

Posted by Catherine Morgan on January 12, 2009

Nutrition Tips:  You Are What You Eat

What does good nutrition mean to you?  Do you still consider sugar one of the four food groups?  Is eating healthy one of your goals for 2009?

Here are some easy nutrition tips to keep in mind for good health…

1.  Eat more vegetables – the recommended amount of vegetables is 2 1/2 cups each day.

2.  Read nutrition labels before you buy.

3. Reduce or eliminate processed sugar (like soda).  Try to limit your total sugar intake to less than 48 grams each day.

4.  Avoid fatty foods (like chips and ice cream).  Try to limit your fat intake to less than 50 grams each day.

5.  Limit sodium intake to less than 2400 milligrams each day.

6.  Try to get at least 45 grams of protein each day.

7.  Drink plenty of water.  Here is a hydration calculator that will tell you the amount that is recommended for you.

8.  Increase your intake of superfoods (like walnuts, flaxseed, salmon, pomegranate and green tea)

Have you made a new year’s resolution to make more healthy food choices?  Join us for the 2009 Good Health-A-Thon.

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One Response to “Nutrtion Tips – You Are What You Eat”

  1. exercisetime said

    I recently blogged about Eating And Exercise and got some pretty cool feedback. Here’s a snippet…

    “Eating after you exercise is just as important as your pre-workout meal. Anytime you exercise, whether its cardio or resistance, you deplete energy in the form of glycogen.”

    Feel free to poke around my blog and leave a comment. Us quality bloggers have to stick together!

    Easy Ways To Exercise


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