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Is The Economy Stressing You Out?

Posted by Catherine Morgan on February 26, 2009

A new study finds that women are increasingly stressed over money and the economy.  I can’t say this comes as much of a surprise to me. You only have to tune into the national news for a few minutes to understand the gravity of our failing economy.

If you haven’t already lost your job, you are probably worried that you might.  If you aren’t already struggling to pay your mortgage, you may worry that at some point you will struggle.  If you are married, you may find yourself fighting with your significant other over money much more often than you had in the past.  And if you’re single, you may be wishing you weren’t alone in your financial struggles.  It seems we are all affected one way or another to this poor economy.

Are you feeling stressed about the economy?  If so, you’re not alone.

From My Little Cottage In The Making

We have all felt the pinch of this tight economy lately. People are being laid off of jobs, business after business is closing, house values dropping and even the cost of eating healthy has gone sky high.

They say this bad economy has even had a tole on our bodies.

Tammy Garcia at Git’ T Fit has five tips for managing stress…

Stress is the number one contributing factor to physical conditions like obesity, heart disease, chronic fatigue, muscle pain and depression.

So what are you doing to manage your stress?

Most people who follow these strategies find it really helps them decrease their stress levels but some don’t.
For most people implementing these strategies has given them a new lease on life.

Women bearing brunt of nation’s stress

According to data from the American Psychological Association’s newly released 2008 Stress in America survey, women are bearing the brunt of the nation’s stress. Compared with men, women repeatedly report being more stressed about money, the economy, job stability, housing costs, and health problems affecting their families. Mature women (+63) reported the most dramatic increases in stress, in some instances up as much as 18% from the prior year.

Women were more likely than men to report physical symptoms associated with their increased stress. Their symptoms include such problems as:

* fatigue
* irritability
* headaches
* feeling depressed or sad
* disrupted sleeping and eating habits

The Ailing Economy Is Making People Sick

In hospital wards and medical clinics across Massachusetts, doctors see growing evidence that the ill economy is making patients sick, spawning headaches and churning stomachs, and even causing bouts of anxiety and depression among people who never before sought psychiatric help.

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One Response to “Is The Economy Stressing You Out?”

  1. Through the ages the roles of men and women were more defined. Now it’s not so straightforward.
    Women want the independence of a job, usually full time but also they want to have children.
    When the children arrive they cannot afford to stay at home with them. Consequently the children are placed into a kindergarten all day everyday (for 5 days a week)
    Women come home, tired, stressed, short tempered, and having little or no patience to listen to their children.
    Life can sometimes be sad. We cannot have it all! There lies the irony of life.

    It needs to change. For the children are the future and they need to be listened to, look after, have guidelines set for them, otherwise they haven’t got a clue what the rules are.
    If there are no rules that is how society breaks down. Which is what is happening before our very eyes.
    It’s necessary to train yourself not to be in so much of a hurry, things will still be finished, in some cases faster, because there is no stress behind the task.
    Take that well deserved chill pill.

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