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Spring Cleaning and De-Cluttering For Better Health & Happiness

Posted by Catherine Morgan on April 25, 2009

Spring Cleaning and De-Cluttering For Better Health

I should probably have called this post…Do as I say, not as I do.  The clutter in my house has gotten totally out of control, and I really do think it affects the way I feel.  But I also believe that cleaning out the clutter in our homes (and our lives) is helpful to our overall well being.  So I plan on doing some serious spring cleaning and de-cluttering very soon.

I’m going to start by purging my closets of all the clothes that no longer fit or that I haven’t worn in the past year.  I try to do that a couple times a year and donate them to our local Goodwill.   I’m also planning on having a garage sale in a few weeks to get rid of a lot of stuff cluttering my house and my life.

Do you have any plans for de-cluttering?  Do you find the clutter in your home affects your emotional or physical health?

From National Women’s Health Resource CenterCleaning Tips for a Healthy Home

For many of us, housecleaning is simply a necessary evil—a chore we delay as long as possible and then rush through quickly. (That’s why the dirty socks get stuffed under the sofa cushions!) It may be time to rethink that philosophy. Cleaning your living space has real benefits beyond making the place presentable. How you clean and what you choose to use when you clean can help you reduce some medical problems and even build your fitness.

Could clutter be causing symptoms of depression?

From Care2 Healthy and Green Living (and body)…

Does clutter cause depression? Does depression cause clutter? At any given moment during a high-clutter period in my household, I may argue the validity of both of these scenarios. Clutter has a special way of inspiring stress and frustration, which, more often than not, abets the inability to combat the mess. It becomes circular–which came first, the chicken or the egg? In the end, it seems to snowball into a tangled mess of tension and depression and it’s hard to tell what’s causing what.

Could your clutter be causing you to gain weight?

From Diet Soda Diva – Decluttering

I truly believe there is a connection between my being over-weight and my clutter issues… both are emotional. And also one is empowering the other… I sometimes overeat due to clutter stress, but when I over eat I gain weight which in turn causes me to buy more stuff.

Huh, did that make any sense?

Regardless I think I’d feel better and be better able to focus on all my goals if I had less clutter in my home distracting me.

Clutter certainly causes stress for many of us

From Nutri-Living Blog – 100 Healthy Habits That Can Save Your Life, Your Money, and Your Planet

Clean out the clutter. Having clutter around the house can stress you out, forcing you to rummage through things trying to locate items or tripping over things that don’t have a home. Cleaning out your garage, basement and closets can rid you of much of this clutter and may even make you some money if you have a garage sale.

From Carrie Tucker – How Spring Cleaning Can Improve Your Emotional Health

Cleaning out old emotional energy will improve your emotional health! All that accumulated stuff that you no longer need, may also have some emotional “stuff” that needs to be processed and released right along with it. Just handling and removing your unnecessary collection from the past will free up energy and draw emotions out of you. After such a thorough house cleaning you will be better able to attract what you want into your life.

Don’t forget to reduce the clutter on your desk or workspace.

From Jackie Silver – Spring Cleaning For Your Life

With today’s fast pace, many of us find ourselves buried under piles of “important” papers in our workspace, whether it’s at home or at a traditional job. An organized workspace seems to invite new creativity and a renewed zeal for the job at hand. Tampa Bay, Florida Television Producer Sandi McKenna says, “Spring-cleaning my closet and clearing off my desk set the wheels in motion for a clear head, refocused energy and increased productivity. Everything in its place — I can breathe again! Instead of being overwhelmed at the thought of another day, the path is now clear both literally and figuratively.”

Here are some posts with tips on clearing the clutter.

Tisha Morris – 5 Steps To Clearing Clutter

Clearing clutter has fast become one of the most popular facets or subcategories of Feng Shui. When Feng Shui was first used thousands of years ago, clutter was not an issue like it is in today’s world. I believe our culture has hit its climax of consumption, either voluntarily or forced. We are realizing how little we actually need in the physical world and turning more to the simple pleasures in life. Furthermore, it simply doesn’t feel good to be in our living space if it is filled with items that we no longer need. And, for good reason. Anything in your space that you no longer use or love is simply taking up space for something else to come into your life.

From The Organized Mother – Conquering Clutter

There are two big lessons we need to learn and stick to:

1) Once you’ve started decluttering, don’t allow new clutter to take its place. Once you get that desktop or kitchen counter or dining room table nice and clear, keep it that way. Look for ways to embrace the clutter-free lifestyle and try to keep up – don’t let it gradually clutter back up. Be vigilant!

2) Fighting clutter is a continual process. Just one cleaning session will not be enough. Once you get an area clear, you must work to keep it that way. It will be much easier to maintain if you try hard not to let it get cluttered again. It’s not as hard as it sounds, as long as you don’t allow yourself to be lazy.

From I’m an Organizing Junkie – 8 Simple Steps To Less Clutter

I’m not a fan of the cleaning. Organizing, yes. Cleaning, not so much. Thankfully the organizing lends itself to less cleaning. Here are eight steps I follow to keep my clutter and cleaning to a minimum resulting in more time for the things that really matter.

Will you be de-cluttering?  Do you have any de-cluttering tips or advice?

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