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7 Lifestyle Tips For Reducing Blood Pressure

Posted by Catherine Morgan on July 12, 2009

Did you know that one in every three adults has high blood pressure?  Are you one of them?

I had some good news the other day.  It seems that all of my hard work trying to eat healthy and lose weight is finally paying off.  For the first time in years my blood pressure is actually normal.  Yaaay! This is just the kind of validation I was looking for when I began my journey of weight loss and healthy living.

If you have high blood pressure or know someone who does, here are some tips that can help lower blood pressure naturally.

Tip #1 – Lose 10 Pounds

Did you know that most Americans are overweight (66% are overweight or obese)?  It’s true.  It’s also true that losing as little as ten pounds can help reduce high blood pressure.

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3 Responses to “7 Lifestyle Tips For Reducing Blood Pressure”

  1. Helen said

    Hi.. Didn’t know if you wanted the comment here or on the other site?

    I thought it was a good article and I especially believe you are right about tip no. 1.

    Overweight is often the cause of high blodd pressure.

  2. Michael Hakansson said

    Hi !

    This have given the swedish authoritys “high bloodpressure” 😉


  3. also happy to read-read blog
    always successful

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