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What is your eating style? Do you follow one of the popular diet plans?

Posted by Catherine Morgan on January 21, 2010

What is your eating style?  Do you follow one of the popular diet plans?

If you’re looking to eat healthy or lose weight in the new year, there are a lot of diet plans out there to choose from.  But how do you know which plan is best for you?  I’m not a fan of fad diets – Even when they work, they are often an unhealthy choice and any weight lost is usually quickly gained back.  But there are diet plans geared towards healthy eating and healthy weight loss.  Maybe you’re already following one.

In this post I thought we could take a look at some of the diet plans that also focus on healthy eating.  Because, in the long run, changing unhealthy eating habits to healthy ones is the only way to lose weight and keep it off.

Weight Watchers is a popular plan, and if you haven’t already tried it yourself, you most likely know someone who has. Gina uses Weight Watchers and also has a blog of Weight Watchers Recipes

I feature simple healthy recipes using real ingredients that are low in calories and fat. They are quick and simple to make and have been taste tested by a very critical panel, my family!

The Mediterranean Diet seems to be the most beneficial for good health.  This is from Mostly Eating – What To Eat Now

Published in the British Medical Journal last year was a high quality research paper which suggests that sticking to a Mediterranean diet is even more beneficial to health than previously thought. The article was a systematic review and meta-analysis, a way of pooling the results of a number of studies together to give a result that is more accurate and more reliable than those from the individual studies alone. Its findings gave some convincing evidence that closely following a Mediterranean diet can enable you to live for longer and significantly reduce your risk of developing heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease.

Similar to the Mediterranean Diet is the South Beach Diet.  And if the South Beach Diet is your thing – Kalyn’s Kitchen is the place to go for great recipes…

Kalyn’s Kitchen is a blog about how I’m combining a love for delicious food with a commitment to healthy, lower glycemic eating. These recipes helped me lose over 40 pounds on the South Diet, and I’ve managed to maintain my weight loss (with a return to phase one every once in a while for a diet tune-up!) My blog has become popular with people who want to try the lower glycemic way of eating, but most people who visit here just come to find great tasting food!

A somewhat more controversial diet plan is the Atkins Diet.  This was actually the first diet I ever had any real success with.  Kristy from Blog to Lose is giving The Atkins Diet another try…

After reading some posts from folks on here, I thought I should read up on Atkins once again. See, I first tried this diet about 15 years ago and was going to retry just the induction phase now to jump start my diet-journey. Well, after reading up on the new and improved Atkins diet, I think it’s actually something I can stick with long-term. This excites me. I was initially going on the premise of the induction phase (Phase 1) from long ago that you should try and eat NO carbs for the first two weeks. Now it’s 20 carbs. So I went from cheating on the old induction phase, to staying way within my carb limits per today’s Atkins plan! Yay! And the recipes on the Atkins website look awesome!

They are not cheap, but a lot of people are having success using Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem to lose weight.  Both of these plans are getting additional attention for their celebrity endorsements…

Valerie Bertinelli took off weight with the Jenny Craig Diet, and appears to be keeping it off.  I wrote about it in – Valerie Bertinelli’s Weight Loss:  Inspirational or Controversial and Marie Osmond used Nutrisystem to lose her weight.

Kelly from Blog to Lose is trying the Jenny Craig Diet…

I need to stop beating myself up about it though and just do what I need to do. I am married now, so the stress of the wedding is over. I graduate in April, so the stress of school will be over soon. But what I’ve really realized is that something will always be happening in my life to cause stress, so that can’t be a reason to eat unhealthy and avoid exercising due to being “tired”. I am ready to take care of me and make myself a priority. I signed up for Jenny Craig yesterday. Today is my first day. I’m hopeful and determined.

Grasshopper Momma is trying something very different from Nutrisystem…

For Christmas I got a copy of the Pioneer Woman’s cookbook. It’s basically the opposite of Nutrisystem and well worth every penny mom and dad spent on buying it for me! I guess it’s not fair to call it the opposite–she does use veggies quite a bit and that’s what Nutrisystem helped us with–but everywhere you turn there’s good old favorites: buttered rolls, sliced beef, cinnamon rolls, apple pie…I can’t wait to make all of her recipes in moderation.

Not everyone will be successful at following these strict diet plans – For those people, I recommend developing a healthy eating plan that works for your personal needs.  Sometimes just making a few healthy changes to your diet is all you need.  Have you found something specific that works for you?  I’ve had a lot of success incorporating low calorie frozen meals into my diet, and there is actually a blog that reviews these types of meals – Heat Eat Review

We’re a team of dedicated non-profit employees, students, and associates willing to sacrifice our tastebuds and stomachs so that you don’t have to walk down the frozen food aisle wondering what’s worth your money. Also, we’re a bunch of dedicated non-profit employees, which means that we can’t afford to eat gourmet salads every day of the week.

Let us make your life easier and read Heat Eat Review: We eat it so you don’t have to.

Carmen made a New Years Resolution in 2006 and decided to follow her own diet plan – Eat Less Fatty Foods (aka The ELFF Diet)…

I didn’t have money to join a gym, Curves wouldn’t work because I had little kids home with me, and my lack of money meant that Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers were out. So I decided to try what I have seen affectionately called the ELFF diet. Why, you may ask, is it called the ELFF diet? It’s very simple. ELFF stands for:

Eat Less Fatty Foods.

Sad, but true. I had to be able to cook for my family, and make foods that everyone would be able to eat. I just had to eat less of it. I also had to make several changes in my diet and start an exercise habit. This blog is my story of losing 75+ pounds and trying to keep it off. I hope it will help you.

Do you have a healthy eating style that works best for you?  Is it based on a particular diet plan?  Let us know in comments.

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