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Fertility News: 90% of Eggs Gone By Age 30.

Posted by Catherine Morgan on February 1, 2010

I think it is well known that as we get older we have a more difficult time getting pregnant, but I was shocked to hear these new statistics on fertility.  It seems that 90 percent of a woman’s eggs are gone by age 30, and only 3 percent remain by age 40.  Ninety Percent of eggs are GONE!  That’s a huge number.  That’s a scary number.

From ABC News

It’s common knowledge that women have more difficulty conceiving as they age, but this is the very first study believed to quantify the number of eggs lost and it shows that the decline is more rapid than previously believed. Over time, the quality of ovarian eggs also deteriorates, increasing the difficulty of conception and the risk of having an unhealthy baby.  The study was based on information collected from 325 women of varying ages in the United Kingdom, the United States and Europe.

Dr. Marie Savard, “Good Morning America” medical contributor, visited “GMA” to discuss the issue and its implications for moms-to-be. “Women lose eggs a lot faster than we thought,” she said. As you get older, conceiving is “much more difficult…Even all those assisted reproductive techniques are challenges.”
“That biological clock does tick,” she said, adding that her advice to women who want kids is, “the sooner the better.”

I imagine this news is going to cause a great deal of anxiety to women in their 30’s who were holding off having children.  What do they do?  Do they drop everything and try to have a baby before their eggs run out?  And how will this affect women who want to pursue a career before motherhood?  Are women going to have to start choosing motherhood over career for fear of future infertility?

Jen Doll wrote this about the new study…

A chipper new study reveals that the wombs of those of us over 30 are already practically eggless. Oh, and, by the way, “women who put off childbearing for too long could have difficulty ever conceiving.”
. . .
I guess that means that the thirtysomethings among us who’ve been carefully avoiding unplanned pregnancy for years should just chill. And also, if you’re 29 and you’ve been thinking long and hard about what kind of mom you’d be, whether you have the financial resources and/or partner stability to have a baby, or even whether you should really bring a child into the world in this day and age, stop your dilly-dallying and get to it!

From Mama Needs an Easy Button

This disturbs me more than a little. I have written here extensively about the fact that I don’t have children and am not sure that I ever want any. But, as my friends and I discuss often, we don’t want to get beyond childbearing years and regret that we didn’t take the opportunity while we could have. Yes, there is adoption, and yes, we could try all kinds of fertility methods, but the bottom line is that over the age of 30, being pregnant is a whole new ballgame.

From Katy at He Calls Me Momma

As if I needed another way to feel guilty about my infertility, here’s a report that came out on ABC News regarding your age and amount of eggs. According to this study, by age 30, we’ve lost nearly 90% of all of our eggs. Not to mention the fact that the quality also starts to decline. And by age 40, we’re down to about 3 percent. These results are surprising and much faster than experts previously thought. With a rise in media reports and especially Hollywood of more women having children later in life, we’ve been made to believe that waiting is okay. Have we been deceived?

Are you a women in your 30’s?  If so, is this new study troubling to you?  Are you a women in your 20’s?  If so, does this study change your thoughts about career and motherhood?


One Response to “Fertility News: 90% of Eggs Gone By Age 30.”

  1. This blog makes me think and bothered about the new findings. I’m on my late 20’s already, and I am one of those who wanted to plan everything, and wanted to settle according to plan. But reading this makes me think of hurrying to have a baby now. Hope, everything would be just that simple and easy. mazatlan apartments for rent

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