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Carnie Wilson Talks About Her Food & Alcohol Addiction on Dr. Oz

Posted by Catherine Morgan on February 11, 2010

carniedrozEarlier this week I was part of a conference call with Carnie Wilson, who was recently featured on the Dr. Oz Show to talk about her food and alcohol addiction.

Carnie Wilson has always struggled with her weight.  She even had gastric bypass surgery in 1999.  Then after going through two pregnancies, and gaining 50 pounds each time, she found herself battling the extra weight all over again.

Carnie told us that the show was “very dramatic,” and “the fact that he had labeled me morbidly obese really shocked me.” But, she also says, “Dr. Oz was one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met.”   Carnie was confused when Dr. Oz told her that she was pre-diabetic – “I was actually in shock because I just had blood work done.  All that blood work came back normal.  To this day I am not pre-diabetic,” she said in the press call. “If he wants to call me that, it’s fine, but my glucose levels are at a normal range.”

After watching the show, I can understand how Carnie may have been shocked by some of the things Dr. Oz was saying to her.  It’s funny to me how Dr. Oz seems to try so hard to make medical issues more understandable to the average person, but he didn’t clarify many of the comments he was making about Carnie.  For instance, doctors refer to patients as “morbidly obese” strictly based on their weight and BMI.   But clearly, although Carnie may fit the medical definition of morbidly obese, she is obviously in a much healthier place than she was in the past.   And when Dr. Oz checks her glucose level, he does so by using a method diabetics use to keep track of their blood sugar throughout the day. Carnie’s doctor would be using a much more accurate method that involves fasting blood work, and that’s why she is so certain she is not pre-diabetic…she probably isn’t.

She also told OK Magazine – Don’t Call Jessica Simpson Fat

During an event to promote her appearance on The Dr. Oz Show (which airs today), Carnie Wilson said she feels like “throwing up” when Jessica Simpson is called “fat.”

“I think Jessica Simpson looks great, and this is why we have a serious problem,” the Unstapled star, 41, tells me. “[When Jessica gets called ‘fat’] it definitely contributes to the problem of weight issues and pressure that women — and now, unfortunately, young girls — feel, the pressure that they have to look a certain way.”

I think it’s great that Dr. Oz is working with Carnie to get back to her more healthy (pre-pregnancy) weight, and I think the show can be a wake-up call for other women in similar situations.   The thing that I found most offensive about the segment with Carnie didn’t involve Dr. Oz at all.

I was bothered when Judy Hollis (an addiction specialist) was asked to give Carnie words of inspiration.  Her words of inspiration were few and far between, what I heard was closer to personal attacks than anything else.  In particular, when she chastised Carnie for claiming her current weight problem was due to being unable to lose the “baby weight” she gained from her two pregnancies.  It seemed she was suggesting that because Carnie had weight issues before her pregnancies, she had no right to claim the extra weight gained during pregnancy was anything more than her “eating too much.”   Carnie even tried to explain that she was at a healthy weight going into her pregnancies, but the “so called” expert insisted that Carnie admit she just ate too much.   There are women all over the country struggling to lose the weight they gained during pregnancy, and it’s an insult to suggest that the problem is just that they eat too much.  I can think of at least a dozen other ways an expert could inspire someone trying to lose weight that do not include blaming them.

Anyway, I think Carnie was a real trooper, and I hope she does get advice from Dr. Oz that will help her get back to the healthy weight she is seeking.  I enjoyed having a chance to talk to her, and I look forward to seeing her on Dr. Oz again.

Carnie Wilson also has a new show that can be seen on GSN (unfortunately I don’t get that channel), a reality series called Carnie Wilson:  Unstapled.


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