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Choosing Happiness — by Catherine Morgan

“Be the change you want to see in the world” Mahatma Gandhi

Are you making significant life decisions from a place of fear or anger? Most of us do. When we make choices and respond to people and situations in our life in reaction to fearful and angry emotions, we are choosing unhappiness. From the little responses and decisions in our life, right up to the big ones. So, who cares? Why does this even matter? I genuinely believe we all want peace in our lives. Peace on earth would be great too. The saying; “Be the change you want to see in the world”, suggests that by making positive changes in our own lives, we contribute to a wave that can flow from us, to our family, to our communities, and to the world. It is such a sweet thought. Even if you don’t believe that minor changes you make in your own life can make a difference in the world, there is no doubt that the way we feel emotionally greatly affects our overall personal happiness.

If we all just took a little stock in our daily reactions, and paid attention to our responses and decisions, and most importantly noticed when we are responding from a place of fear or anger. If we did this, we could then choose to take more time before we respond to such things, and think them through a bit more. Why is this important? Well, it’s important because once you realize what you are doing and how it affects your life, you can then take the steps to make changes that bring you to a more happy and peaceful place. When you catch yourself reacting out of fear or anger, take a minute to think about how you would react to the same situation from a place of peace or love. If you can’t do that, at least try to find a “neutral” feeling and respond from there. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying this is an easy thing to do. It is by far, the harder thing to do. But, just try it. Start out by choosing one aspect of your life (ie: work, family, husband, etc.), and consciously decide to take fear and anger out of your decision process and out of your reactions. See how it makes you feel. You will be happier, and the people around you will be happier too. This is because when you react to someone in anger, they will most likely respond back to you in anger. Of course the opposite is also true. If you respond to someone in a kind way, they will most likely respond back to you in a kind way.

Did you ever respond to someone in an angry way just because something else had made you mad? Did you ever wonder how your reaction may have caused that person to react to the next person they encountered? It’s a vicious cycle, but luckily it works both ways. It seems to me, that we are all being a change that can be seen in the world. The question then becomes; are the changes we make affecting the world for better or for worse?



This is a post from January, when I first began this blog. Back then I didn’t know too much about bloogging…..still have a lot to learn. Anyway, I did learn something new a few days ago…..how to add a YouTube Video to my post. So, I thought I would re-post this and include the song by Jewel, that was my inspiration for writing it. So at the end of this post is the music of Jewel….I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

49 - Sun rise or Sun set?? ==> Sun Rise on 26 Dec 05 morningby © hikinghk

ONLY KINDNESS MATTERS — by Catherine Morgan

Jewel has a song, and in it she sings….”In the end, only kindness matters”. Those are very profound words. I would even say, that these are words to live your life by. Because, it is so true. In the grand scheme of things, we are here on earth only a very short time. Many of us spend much of this time being angry at people, making judgements on others, and generally just not being as kind as we could be. So, the question then becomes….How can we change that? How can we live a more kind life?

Well I think, that like everything else we can’t be too hard on ourselves. After-all, we live in a harsh world, where many times people are not even being very kind to us. But, that’s no excuse either. Remember when our mom’s told us, “treat others the way you would want them to treat you”? Well it seems that, somewhere between kindergarten and junior high, most of us forget this little bit of wisdom. But, I say we bring it back. Don’t get panicked, I’m not suggesting anything radical. But, maybe just some baby-steps in the right direction.

The first thing we need to do is be conscious of our thoughts and reactions towards people. This is important because, if we recognize the times we could have chosen kindness over judgement, we find our opportunities to make a change.

Second, begin actively making attempts during your day to choose to be kind to those around you. Do this in random acts of kindness, as well as in the choices you make with the people in your everyday life….work, family, etc.

Third, notice if your kindness is rubbing off on the people around you. Are others treating you more kindly? Are others treating others more kindly? It is surprising how positive energy can radiate all around you, and affect all those around you.

Forth, reflect or journal on how choosing kindness is making a difference in your life. Try doing this for a week, if it works keep it up……if not, at least you got to hear a good song by Jewel.

Well, that’s it. Now, just go for it. And remember, IN THE END…ONLY KINDNESS MATTERS.

Jewel – Hands

7 Responses to “HAPPINESS”

  1. Larry said

    Kindness does matter as what you give you will get back many times over, usually much later than the original act of giving.

  2. Very true.

  3. Franxbudi said

    So nice and true to use it..Thanks your article inspired me

  4. Thank you for the kind comment, it makes me happy to know my article inspired you.

  5. Anonymous said

    Dear Catherine,
    How wonderful to find you today on Thanksgiving.I have just started a cake company called The Tao of Cake and am doing a blog call eating cake and talkin’ about the Tao! i am wanting to use my cake as a vehicle tospread peace. When you order my cake, you get a chinese brush painting done by my partner Happi with a quote fro Lao Tzu from that ancient wonderful text called “TAO TE CHING. I dont know if you are familiar with that but it talks of being in harmony with all of man and nature, so essential in these times. I loved your words because today I am fighting feelings of judgement and negativity for various reasons and want so to just be filled with unconditional love. But this is November so I dont know if you are still ‘here’!! Dont know much about blogging but would love to start. I am in Marin California.

  6. Donna said

    Dear Catherine,
    What a wonderful blog you have I stopped by just to read a little and it is 2 hours later I can’t tell you how much I have enjoyed reading so many things on your blog. Having a website for Women Personal security items http://www.guardyourselfnow.com and a Salon for women you have given me the true meaning of what a blog is really all about, I want to email every client I have and I hope it is ok that I do and tell them to read your blog. I am sure that my clients in the salon will love this as much as I do, they to will find the information helpful on so many topic. Please let me know if I can place a link on my site for Women Personal Security and send include your link in my Newsletter to my clients in the salon.
    Thanks for giving me 2 hours to truly enjoy and stop and smell the roses.
    Looking forward to all your information
    Donna http://guardyourselfnow.com

  7. OKM Card Dropper said

    Dear Catherine,
    I heard Jewels song one morning shortly after the deaths of first my mother (69) and three weeks later my grandmother(98), both major influencial women in my 52 years of life, and the words “only kindness matters” resonated in my soul also. In their honor I started this simple project. I am an over the road truck driver, so I’m in many rest areas throughout the USA. When I’m home I print a batch of business size cards that simply say “Only Kindness Matters.” I drop one of them on a counter and in one of the stalls in the rest areas and restaurants where I stop; I say a simple prayer that God will carry this message from my heart to the hearts of others and bless us each with the gift of kindness. I hope, when someone finds one of these cards, they will pick it up, let the simple message resonate with them and pass it on to someone else. I do this anonymously and it has been a powerful healer as well as making me look at my world with a kinder heart…

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