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Here Is A Four Minute Creative Visualization Tool To Help Women Attain The Goal Of A Healthy Body and Healthy Life.






Dieting and Health



I really don’t like the word “dieting”, it sounds too much like the word “depriving”, it feels too much like it too. So, just to get that out of the way….When I say “dieting”, I really mean beginning to eat healthy for your body. I don’t believe in any fad or radical diet plans. Just eating healthy and not eating “junk” foods is usually enough to lose weight at a steady rate and also maintain over time.

That said….Here are the THREE STEPS TO GET STARTED:

STEP ONE — YOUR GOALS (take some time to think about your goals)

The night before you want to begin your diet, go to bed a few minutes early. Get comfortable and let go of any thoughts running through your head. Then close your eyes and start thinking about the foods you are going to eat the next day (healthy foods), and think about the foods your not going to eat (unhealthy foods). Think about your goal weight, how you will look, how you will feel. Do this for about five minutes or so. That’s not too hard?

STEP TWO — YOUR FEELINGS (take some time to think about how you will feel when you reach your goals)

After a few minutes of step one, begin to think about how you will feel after a week of eating healthy and being on your way to your goal weight. You want to have a clear picture in your mind how you will feel when you are successful. The more you think about how your success will make you feel the better. Since our thoughts are directly related to how we feel, and how we feel is directly related to our eating habits….You can see why it is so important to focus on what you are thinking at this critical point of your diet plan. For more on this check out this post How changing your belief system can change your life

STEP THREE — PRETENDING (telling yourself you are already successful)

Next, after another few minutes just add into your thoughts the idea that you are already at that place. That you are already successful. That it’s been a week and you are feeling great. It’s been a week and now looking back you can see it wasn’t as hard as you thought it would be. You feel proud of yourself and feel confident that you will be able to continue your healthy eating habits for at least another week. Even though you will know that you haven’t actually been on your diet for a week yet, believe it or not…..Your thoughts will translate into feelings, and your feelings will help you create a sense of success.

The biggest stumbling block in a diet is getting past those first few days. Getting motivated to start is easy, staying motivated is the problem. I found that the best way to stay motivated is to get over the proverbial “hump”, those first few days that if you don’t pass are the sole reason 99% of us will just “give up”, quit and consider ourselves a failure at the diet before we even had a chance to get stared. And that is what STEP THREE is all about.

So, take another minute or two and think some more about how you will feel. And this is important…..Do NOT put any “negative” thoughts in you head at this time, if you feel them coming, consciously let them leave your thoughts and go back to your “successful” thoughts. It’s almost like a quick little meditation.

NOW, YOU ARE STARTED. When you wake up in the morning, know you have already been successful, now you just have to continue your success by continuing to eat healthy. It’s easy now, because you know you can do it. Keep yourself motivated with your feelings of accomplishment. Take one day at a time. And each night reflect on your success. Most of all. If you falter, it is not a failure…..just begin at step one, and get back on the wagon as soon as possible.

“Every thought we think is creating our future.” — Louise L. Hay

Good Luck!

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  2. Mark said

    Hi I have used creative visualisation in my weight loss program and It seems to have worked for me at least anyway.

  3. Thanks for the insight Mark.

  4. Thanks for the Great tips and help. 🙂

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  7. samurgr8 said

    If you always want to be healthy and fit, one must take proper care of their diet and exercise. People should eat healthy food.

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  8. I really couldn’t agree more, weight loss is a very personal thing and there are so many underlying emotions. It has to be a change that is well grounded in the mind. joint pain remedy

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